Putting Your Baby on Facebook Within an Hour of Being Born Is a MUST

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newborn feetIt's no big secret that social media has kind of taken over our culture in every way possible. That's why it probably won't come as a shock to hear that most babies make their Facebook debut within an hour of being born.

The website www.posterista.co.uk polled 2,367 parents of kids ages 5 and under and asked them how soon their newborn's image was posted to one of their social media platforms after birth. The average time came in at 57.9 minutes, and not surprisingly, Facebook was the place where photos were shared the most, with Instagram and Flickr coming in second and third.

Huh, 57.9 minutes? I'm actually kind of shocked the average time is that long, considering how glued we are to our smartphones.

And I know there are plenty of moms and dads who are cautious about posting pictures online of their kids, but I honestly think that sharing baby's photos via Facebook is a good thing for new parents.

OMG. Do you know what I would've done for a Facebook account back when I had my son seven years ago? We were living out in Denver at the time of his birth, and all of our family and friends were back on the east coast. And that meant that on and around the day that he arrived, we were bombarded with phone call after phone call and email after email wanting to hear the scoop and/or obtain photos. To say it got pretty annoying and tedious is a major understatement.

I mean, we appreciated the fact that everyone was taking an interest in our son and it was understandable that they wanted to hear all the details on his birth. But considering how emotionally and physically exhausted we were, we groaned pretty much every time the phone rang or we opened our inboxes.

It would've been so nice to quickly upload photos and share them with everyone with one simple click. Maybe we actually would've had the much needed peace and quiet we were craving during that time.

If I could offer one piece of advice to today's new parents, I'd say SHARE AWAY when it comes to posting your baby's photos to Facebook, Instagram, whatever. You're not only doing yourselves a favor by gaining a little more time to bond with your newborn -- you're also making everyone who loves and cares about you absolutely thrilled in a matter of a few seconds. See? You can't get more of a win-win situation than that.

How long did you wait before sharing your baby's photos online?


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nonmember avatar Gina

I've never put a picture of my son on social media. Or the internet for that matter.

miche... micheledo

Some have been posted almost immediately.  However, last month, both grandparents were unable to be at the birth.  I actually posted a few pictures on fb in a private album for the grandparents about 24 hours after the birth.  It wasn't until they saw the pictures, that I made it viewable to my friends a few days after that.

abra819 abra819

Hell no, we waited a week for the pic and about three days after birth to announce his birth. Text pics were sent to family and close friends.

Ashley Littlejohn

The only reason we posted photos soon after the birth of our last child was because he was expected to be so sick the hospital had a life flight on standby to take him to the nearest NICU two hours away. When he was born surprisingly healthy, we wanted to let everyone know immediately. We didn't share our other children's photos online until days after their births though.

Ashley Kissinger

I'm having my first baby in a month.  You'd better believe I will share his pic as soon as he is here.  Judging from the comments above, it feels like people think that there is something slightly shameful about showing a picture right away....  Why wait?  I'm excited and my family is too--there is no shame in sharing right away.  It's the ultimate proud parent moment!

linzemae linzemae

I waited a day. We hadn't picked out a name till the next day

JennAnd Jerame Garcia

my baby is 3 and he has not made a facebook debut.......sorry im not helping the pedofiles rappist and kidnappers someone wants to c my kid they can come to my home......they are precious and that chioce to b advertised should b theyres when they are old enough they are people not trophies u flash around respect them or dont expect ne back......


Charlene McCune

Not to mention if there is a baby snatching... the pictures are there...

JenB1983 JenB1983

My youngest was on FB within 10 minutes. Lol. I asked my mom(while in labor) to please make sure a pic got posted as soon as possible; but after my MIL and SIL came in and saw her too(they were in the waiting room). I have friends and family all over the world, and everyone was waiting on her arrival.

Sarah Runshe

I have 3.  With my oldest it was myspace and i didnt have a smartphone then so it was when we got home but my other 2 it was within minutes that my husand posted pictures!!!  We are very proud and only friend people we know so I don't have a problem with it.  To each there own i guess


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