Must-See Rap Video Teaches Mamas How to Breastfeed (VIDEO)

breastfeeding graffitiIf you are a breastfeeding mom and need some encouragement, or if you just need to know you are not alone in your breastfeeding journey, or if you are pregnant and worried about breastfeeding, even if you are breastfeeding, have breastfed, or are just curious about it, this video is a must-see. Under the YouTube tag UrbanMatriarch, TaNefer Lumukanda manages to teach a thing or 10 about breastfeeding while simultaneously bonding all moms who watch Teach Me How to Breastfeed.

Not an easy feat when it comes to talking about or promoting breastfeeding. Just like the lyrics and the graffiti in this image from the video states: You go girl! Don't worry if the other side squirts too. The point here is that even when it comes to nursing our babies, we cannot worry about everything. We have to realize things are going to happen and we have to go with the flow. The flow! Now let's watch this video so she can teach us how to breastfeed.


I love all the smiling moms and dads and happy breastfed babies. I love the dancing pregnant ladies! And the lyrics are informative.

"Teach me how to breastfeed. I hear it's free." She reminds us not to watch the clock, the importance of skin to skin, how to best support baby's head, how it may take time and to be patient, to feed on demand, watch the change in baby's poop, and to sit back and relax and stare into your baby's eyes. It's a bond that really does last forever.

All the babies love it! All all all the babies love it. You ain't messing with my breast milk!

TaNefer says her song was inspired by the many moms who she has helped breastfeed along with her own breastfeeding journey. She wants to promote its normalcy and help new mamas, too.

Love it! Thank you!

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