'Smart' Sock Warns Parents If Baby Has Trouble Breathing in Middle of the Night (VIDEO)

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Let me ask you a question -- how many times do you check on your baby in the middle of the night? Come on, fess up. If he sleeps for a longer stretch of time than usual, you run down the hall to his room at least once or twice to make sure he's still breathing, don't you?

Well, wait until you hear about a new "smart" baby sock made by Owlet Baby Care, which monitors your infant's sleep position, heart rate, skin temperature, sleep quality, and blood oxygenation levels -- and lets you know if something isn't right.

The concept behind the sock is pretty simple. You put it on your child's foot, and little sensors monitor your baby's vitals and send data back to your smartphone so you can keep track of how he is doing from night to night. And did I mention that there's even an alarm that will go off if your baby rolls onto his stomach?

Yep. This thing is beyond cool. Check it out.

Where the heck was something like this when my son was an infant? And yes, I realize it's not technically on the market yet, but it's close -- and if I had a baby right now I'd most definitely want one.

It would come in handy at any hour of the day, but all I can think about are all of those sleepless nights where I could've possibly gotten a few extra z's if I'd had some peace of mind that my baby was ok -- breathing properly, sleeping soundly, and everything in between. 

Think about it for a second -- wouldn't you sleep better if you knew your baby was sleeping better -- and that an alarm would sound if he were to roll out of position? (Seems like a no-brainer to me.)

This sock is genius. And when it does show up in stores, I can't imagine any parent out there who wouldn't want one.

Would you buy the Owlet sock?


Image via Owlet Care/YouTube

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nonmember avatar leslie weimer

Nope. I trust god to keep her safe.

Wendy Wendel Therasse

Oh, yippee. One response from a religious zealot. Let me guess, no vaccinations because 'god' will keep her from disease? Where is god when all other babies die?

Faustinah Santiago

People that trust imaginary beings with their children is frightening to say the least. But I think this is a great invention and well worth it.  My daughter was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (half of a heart) and had open heart surgery at 4 days old.  I would have loved to have this when she was an infant instead of experiencing the severe lack of sleep that I did.

Jessica Featherston

God is right there with those babies that die young. They all have a purpose even if its for just a little while. Although god is In total control he will not make us do anything he gives us a choice to accept him or not. To answer the question no I wouldn't buy one because I wouldn't trust a gadget I would still have to get up and check on my babies.

Wendy Wendel Therasse

God was along side the babies who died? Sadistic bastard that god is.

Ellen Mary

Sending a WiFi signal through a baby's body could really backfire in terms of cancer. I understand the appeal, for sure, but this has not been studied rigorously. I'd have to know the specifics of the signal to make a judgement, but potential cancer risk is a consideration. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children & on the rise.

Adrian O'Brien

Riiiiiiigggghhhhtttt... when you ladies are done venting your angst, can all get back to the question?  I wouldn't buy it for 2 reasons.

1) It more than likely will be expensive because paranoid moms (myself included) will shell out lots of money just for a little peace of mind.  I don't like spending money on something I don't need. 

2) The reason I wouldn't need it is because I sleep with my babies on my chest.  (Unless my kid had something serious like that heart problem... THEN I would most definitely buy it) My heart and breathing rhythms help regulate their vitals.


Adrian O'Brien

Since half of you are angry at God for whatever reason, I'd like to weigh in.  Does God allow bad things to happen... Absolutely.  Where is He?  Where He has always been, cleaning up our mistakes. To intervene when we don't want Him butting into our lives would be a backzies on the free-will deal. Mankind is constantly making decisions that affects everything: what is in our water/air/food; whether or not to drive drunk, pull a trigger, or fart on a match.  Many of those decisions have unintended consequences... but we are running around with our arse on fire, blaming God.  Don't think our actions affect babies dying or abnormalities... tell me, whats in your water?  How do you know that someone didn't pee out residue from an experimental drug, it didn't get filtered out, and you drank it.  Its hypothetical, I know.  But you are angry at God without knowing any other data...  sounds biased and unfair.

nonmember avatar Jenifer

If you are not a believer, then really what's the harm to you for others who are believers? Why does it matter to you? We live in America... which means that we are allowed to worship as we see fit without persecution. Maybe instead of spewing hate, you could accept another persons views and leave it at that. Last time I checked we also have freedom to voice our opinions...

katyq katyq

Adrian obrien, just because we think its absurd to rely on an imaginary being for anything, does not mean weare "angry" . I, for one, live a very happy life and generally dont feel much anger toward anyone or anything. Not believing in your god is not hateful or mean.

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