Step Inside This Beautifully Sweet Pink Nursery for a Baby Girl

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There's going for gender neutral and then there's embracing the obvious. This bunny-happy nursery done by talented mom Chloe Fleury, is packed with pretty pinks, soft grays, and subtle touches of mint in this decidedly girly space for her little lady (scheduled to arrive here soon).

See more fun details below! 

Chloe is a paper artist and clearly very good judging by the handmade bunnies hanging above the crib. The wall appliques are a cool and totally removable pattern from Mur, and how adorable are those pillows? The cloud -- so cute!

I love that even the changing table looks soft and inviting with a few of baby girl's frocks and other small delights hanging around. 

Here's a close-up of those incredible bunnies. Such works of art! Can you even believe they're made of paper? 

Other sweet details found throughout the room add to the soft baby girl vibe. Isn't that stuffed rabbit sweet? 

I love how Chloe embraced the femininity of her expected arrival and decorated a space accordingly to fit her talents and tastes. See even more details of this baby girl's nursery and learn how Chloe managed to incorporate her studio and work space into the other half of the room.

Are you a fan of embracing the masculine or feminine in your child's space, or do you prefer things a bit more neutral? I'd love to know!

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EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I absolutely LOVE the cloud pillow!

silve... silverdawn99

cute but as soon as the baby starts pulling herself up guess what is coming off? the paper bunnies so not safe

silve... silverdawn99

and when the baby starts grabbing stuff the decor around the changing table will be yanked off also

Willa... Willa-wonders

I love the colors. Not to sure about the rabbit heads mounted by the crib. I adore the cloud and stuff animal in the last photo. So sweet.

nonmember avatar Sally

Tell her to submit and get a lazyboy rocker. That chair will be a cruel reminder of her child free evenings of martinis and stilettos while she uncomfortably tries to rock an inconsolable baby to sleep in hard molded plastic

jalaz77 jalaz77

OMG-Sally that's what I was thinking! Good luck with that chair. I felt ragey when I saw that cause I had a cute chair the first time around and it was horrible! Thankfully she slept through the night early. Got a better rocker glider for 2 & 3, got rid of it when we thought we were done with kids then SURPRISE #4 here and have THE most uncomfortable glider rocker from target. HORRIBLE, trust me ladies, invest some big bucks in a comfortable chair!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh this is a cute nursery by the way just not functional. Even the changing table would be a pain in the butt. Hold baby with one hand while digging for the stuff you need with the other. Baby will pull stuff off the wall over the changing table too. That stuff is all cute on the walls but you have to be prepared to move things around as baby becomes mobile. Again, functional vs cute is what this nursery is. It's cute that's all. Crib is the only functional piece in it.

Michele Pratt

lol Sally i was thinking the same thing before i even opened this story.  that rocker has got to go.

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