Hip Neutral Nursery Mixes Vintage & Modern in All the Right Ways

I think I like this nursery quite a lot -- yes, indeed! It's neutral, hip, and modern and doesn't give off the typical "baby room" vibe. I'm especially drawn to the light finish on the hardwood floors. So beautiful! 

Such a good mix of mod and vintage in this space. Click through to see what I mean. 


You wouldn't think a tassel banner would feel at home in this room, but there it is and it looks pretty amazing too! Of course I'm digging the credenza/changing table combo. 

I'm in love with that crib. Such a cool piece of furniture to anchor the room. The brightly colored rug is a great addition and really pulls all the different design elements in this space together. 

IKEA bookshelves win again! Such a great way to store favorite reads and artwork too.  

I love the vintage feel this gallery arrangement gives off. The artwork is unique and the faux moose head adds a woodsy flair. And the hot air balloon -- c'est magnifique!

I love featuring the non-traditional, especially when it comes to nurseries. This one is a unique treat, and absolutely gender neutral too!

Would you welcome your little one into a space like this or do you prefer something a little more age-appropriate? I'm curious to know!

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