Kate Middleton's Nursery Theme Is Touching Tribute to Prince William

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Prince george royal portraitStealing our hearts in his sitdown chat with CNN last week, Prince William spoke openly about parenthood so far and what baby Prince George's personality is like already. He also spilled what the little royal's nursery's "theme" will be ...

Speaking in the future tense -- which leads us to believe that it's not all set up and ready to go at Duchess Catherine's parents' Bucklebury home -- Wills revealed, "I'll have toy elephants and rhinos around the room. We'll cover it in, you know, lots of bushes and things like that. [We'll] make him grow up as if he's in the bush." In Africa! Yes, George will be getting an African-themed nursery. How completely cool! Not to mention ... so touching!

Prince William explained how the theme ties into his hopes that his son will one day enjoy the same Africa he and Prince Harry experienced as kids when Prince Charles and Princess Diana brought them there. He wants to introduce George to the continent and its endangered species early on. Plus, it bears noting that Kate and Wills got engaged in October 2010 during a private vacation in Kenya. So there's clearly a lot of emotional meaning behind the nursery decor!

Which makes me feel like parents all over the world now are going to have to think about stepping it up, eh? I could see how hypothetically upon having a baby boy someday, my husband and I might just decide to go with, say, a nautical theme, because it's cute, and you know, we could find a little sailboat mobile, and my husband and my father like being out on the water. But now that Wills and Kate have this smart, interesting, poignant nursery theme, it's like they're setting a whole new bar! And we obv have to follow in their footsteps and get so much more thoughtful and creative.

Okay, of course we don't have to, but what they're aiming for does sound pretty inspired ... and inspiring. If the royal couple does happen to start a new trend with their nursery decor, I wouldn't be surprised!

What are your thoughts on the royal couple's nursery theme? How did you come up with yours?


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Imani Woodard-Ali

For my son I put up neutral colors(I didn't know what I was having) and some playful bumble bees.

My first daughter( agan didn' t know) had primary color balloons.

My second daughter had Precious Moments theme.  I didn't go too big because they are too small to realize what it all it.   The nursery sounds like it would be gawdy but I would have to see it to make a "true" judgement.


Leigh Thorson Siebert

Our theme was fish... because that's what came with the crib I bought at a garage sale.

Holly Armour

With first child we did Disney Mickey&friends theme, second&third Winnie the Pooh(one 4 boy&one for girl), fourth child was sports bears. 

Black... BlackRose4970

We went with Winnie the Pooh because we didn't know what we were having and Winnie the Pooh is unisex!

nonmember avatar Michelle

For my first 2 children (both boys)I went with a Noah's Ark theme (they were born very close together), my #3 child was sports themed, and my #4 (girl) was butterflies. I swore she would never wear blue- sadly that's her favorite color!

nonmember avatar Annie

They're probably describing the nursery at Kensington Palace and not the Middleton's. They are only staying at the Middleton's temporarily while their home in Kensington Palace is being remodelled, so the chances are they're talking about the nursery in that home.

MrsMa... MrsMamaWhite

When my daughter was first born we just went with girls things like flowers and butterflies. She now has a princess room at the age of 3.

Zinda... Zindagi511

I had a full on fish tank look for my son.  Blue walls with fish decals all over, with brown furniture and wall trim.  Then we added in some accessories in bright colors to go with the fish. 

nonmember avatar Megan

I think that will be so cute! I have 2 boys. The first we did shades of blue and brown in circles which I absolutely love still. When he turned 2 he wanted a big boy room so we did a construction room (and spent more than we should have!) so when #2 came along he got transportation too since they share a room.

Brandy Foy

Haha, our nurseries mach


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