Breastfeeding Is a Waste of Time

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breastfeedingI've said it before and I'm not the least bit ashamed to say it again -- I hated breastfeeding. And while there were myriad reasons I just couldn't seem to warm up to the idea of constantly having my baby attached to one of my boobs -- the time it took each day to get him fed was definitely what broke me and made me switch to the bottle exclusively.

OMG. It took f-o-r-e-v-e-r, people. And now a new study has determined that breastfeeding moms spend 6.6 more hours each week feeding their newborns than moms who use formula.

Did you hear that, 6.6 hours!!

And if that doesn't blow your mind, then wait until you hear how many hours per week moms spend breastfeeding in general.

Are you ready? Eighteen hours.

Good GRIEF. No wonder breastfeeding is so tough for so many new moms to commit to and stick with -- regardless of how beneficial it is for our babies.

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When I made the switch to formula, it was like a whole new world opened up for me and I got my life (and my body) back again. And now that I know I was probably saving an extra 6.6 hours each week by bottle-feeding instead of breastfeeding? I hate to say it, but I may have given up the boob even earlier.

I mean, 6.6 hours over the course of a week is almost an extra hour a day. Just think about how many things you can do other than breastfeed with that amount of time?

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Like getting a little bit of additional sleep, for example. What new mom in her right mind wouldn't want to squeeze in an extra hour of precious z's? Or how about taking a nice, long, hot shower? Or even having extra time each day to actually straighten up around the house and prepare a meal that doesn't involve hitting the defrost button on the microwave -- wouldn't that be nice?

And I realize that breastfeeding gets much easier and less time consuming (so they say) as your baby gets older, but all I know is that every extra minute of time you can save while trying to adjust to life with a newborn is totally priceless.

If you love breastfeeding and it comes easily after your baby arrives, that's awesome and you should absolutely savor those extra 6.6 hours as more bonding time with your baby. But if you're one of those moms (like me) who just can't get into the whole breastfeeding thing, you're not alone. And you can take comfort in the fact that you're basically getting an extra 6.6 hours of your life back by choosing to do what works best for you -- offering the bottle instead.

Do you feel like breastfeeding is too time consuming?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

No I didnt think it was too time consuming. I prefer'd it to bottle feeding, especially at night when I didn't have to turn on any ligts, I would just sit in my chair in the calming dark and he would go back to sleep a lot faster than my first child who took a bottle at 4months.

lulou lulou

You could have spent that time doing a little better analysis for your ROI, and take into account the time you'd save from less dr. trips form the immunity benefits for both yourself and the child, the washing of the bottles, the $$$ of the formula, and shopping for it, the recycling of the cans, the calories you burn versus working out, the homework help time from the child being smarter, and then doing this ROI for you.

mande... manderspanders

For once, I somewhat agree. 

If I switched to a bottle, I'd gain a hell of a lot more than an hour per day, for sure. And I could get some sleep.

I love my baby, and I love that I'm doing the best I can for him... but I don't love breastfeeding. It is an endless chore.  I can only take it day by day and hope that it will get better...easier.  At 7 weeks, it seems impossible that it gets any better.

That being said, I continue to breastfeed because I am ridiculously stubborn and proud.  I'm determined not to give in, even when my baby starts part time day care in September, I will be going there to breastfeed when I am working at home and not on the road.

I want nothing more than to have my body back and regain some sanity and sleep.  But when weighing that with doing what is best for my baby - because I'm fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed, it would be shameful to quit.  I'm lucky I have the opportunity and I'm trying my hardest not to give up...  he is worth the sacrifice, but that doesn't make it any easier.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Learn to wear your baby and its not time consuming. Breastfed babies eat more because its digested better than formula that just sits in the gut. Sure bottle feeding is right for some moms, but I sincerely hope time is never a reason a mom chooses not to breastfeed. Priorities are an issue if that is the case.

TheLa... TheLadyAmalthea

Too time consuming? No. Feeding my baby was much more relaxing than washing bottles and nipples. I tried giving both of my babies bottles of breast milk, they wouldn't really go for it. I would think, if anything, I would have been more annoyed by washing all that stuff and preparing bottles than relaxing in bed or on the couch feeding my child, while burning some extra calories. Given the choice, I'd much rather spend my time breastfeeding my baby than messing around with bottles and formula.

March... MarchmommaKC

I really did prefer the bottle feeding and breastfed for as long as I could, but honestly I just hated it. I never knew how much he was eating, trying to feed while we were away from home was isolating and depressing.  Returning to work and having to pump was difficult, for a myriad of reasons.  After speaking with my Dr and our Ped about nutrition aspect of it, I stopped after about 3 months. My son took to formula like a duck to water and I was much happier - it may be a little selfish, I admit, but it seemed he fared much better with it.  Breastfeeding isn't for everyone, I certainly applaud those that can and even more so to the ones that donate to help others who want to but can't.  It just wasn't for me at all.

Katha... Katharine205

Yep, everyone is entitled to do whatever works best for them and their family.  If they can't/won't breastfeed, that's their business and I'm sure their kids will turn out just fine.

nonmember avatar SHOUTY

This article makes me sick. Motherhood is about sacrificing body, time, sleep. I would rather wake up with my son every three hours than give him that nasty crap just to gain a few extra hours of me time. Articles like this are why so many women give up breastfeeding, you justify it.

Mommy... Mommy2-18-2013

This post is a little selfish. I tried to breastfeed my daughter an cried a lot cuz I could. But I pumped fir three months straight to give my baby those nutrients.which was a whole lot of more time

Mommy... Mommy2-18-2013

This post is a little selfish. I tried to breastfeed my daughter an cried a lot cuz I could. But I pumped fir three months straight to give my baby those nutrients.which was a whole lot of more time

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