Royal Family's First Official Portrait Is Out! (PHOTOS)

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Prince William Kate MiddletonIt's out!! The first portrait of the new royal family is out! Kate Middleton and Prince William have released their first official photo with Prince George, plus one with their dogs, Lupo and Tilly. But they're like no official photos we've ever seen before!

They're not professional!

I don't mean that as a smack at the photographer. The photos are adorable and well composed. Just look:

royal family portrait

Lupo looks pleased as punch, doesn't he? And Tilly certainly isn't bothered that mama is much more focused on baby these days.

Here's one of just the human members of the family:

Kate Middleton Prince William Prince George royal portrait

So cute, right?

Now guess who took them ...

The photographer is not someone the royal couple hired to come out and capture their family. It was the Duchess' own father! Michael Middleton took the photos of the royal family, including his brand new grandson, in the garden of Kate's childhood home in Bucklebury.

It's a break from tradition, but a sweet one, and the results are perfect!

What do you think of the informal official portraits of the new royal family?


Images via royal family

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Adorable and classy.  I love that "royalty" has not gone to their heads.  Even though they will never technically be, they are just trying to represent a "normalcy" to an otherwise fantastical life.

Irela... Ireland69

love it! down to earth!

Eliška Šebánková

Please like this page :)
PS: Soooooooooo beutiful

KerryTav KerryTav

Gorgeous! What a beautiful family and they exude happiness and contentment!

mande... manderspanders

I love it! Beautiful family, and so glad they included their fur babies too!

Lenna Tolbert

love it! they seem like an average couple even though they are clearly not. i love how they are just down to earth people and not trying to look down on anyone. plus having the grandfather take the picture? well that is just adorable. congrats to them

Samantha Biggs

love this light side of things.. not formal but perfect

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