6 Beautiful Ways to Wallpaper Your Nursery

The wallpaper trend continues to thrive, and I think you'll agree that there are so many gorgeous options out there. I've seen a ton of inspiring nurseries with wallpaper and thought I'd share some of the best prints and creative uses I've spotted while browsing around.

I absolutely love the wallpapered ceiling in the photo above, but can hardly imagine the headache and neck cramp that must have accompanied the installation. Ha!

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Such a fun, vibrant wallpaper print in this small space. It adds color and pattern to a wall that would have otherwise been hard to take advantage of. 

The soft grays on this print are subtle and soothing, and everything ties in together so nicely. 

I'm digging this fish scale/scalloped pattern, which gives off a sort of ocean vibe, don't you think? 

Here's an example of two contrasting wallpapers being used together. A star pattern on the ceiling and a textured wallpaper on the walls. I think they complement each other well.  

Using wallpaper on an accent wall rather than throughout the whole room is an easy way to dip your toes into the world of wallpaper without feeling like you have to make a huge commitment. This gold and blue nursery is a perfect example of how to do it right. 

What do you think? Brave enough to take the wallpaper challenge in your baby's bedroom or do you still prefer paint?


Images via #1. Handmade Home, #2. Lille Maison, #3. Courtney Lane, #4. Fresh Quince, #5. Lonny, #6. Project Nursery

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