Kate Middleton’s Mom Is the Only One Who Can Get Prince George to Sleep

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Kate Middleton is becoming the guest that just won't leave. What started out as a quick post-baby trip to mum's has turned into a potential six-month stay. And Carole's like, "Dude. Leave already." Just kidding. The Duchess could never be an intrusion to anyone, least of all her mother. But Kate really is considering staying at her parents' Bucklebury home with baby George for a longer time than anticipated. And for a very good reason: Carole is apparently the only one who can get the little prince to sleep.

When you have a newborn, one of the biggest stressors is getting the baby down at night. Some days it's easy, others, not so much. And when sleep is eluding your little one at night, that's when things get really ... un-relaxing. Parents, can I get an amen? The hours are passing by, and you're alternating between nursing and pacing around the room, rocking the baby, hoping that, at some point, the little guy or gal will get tired and pass out. If you have someone who's "no fail" when it comes to getting the baby down at night, you hold on to them like a four-leaf clover that's been attached to a rabbit's foot that's been shoved up a unicorn's ass. Via horseshoe. And sounds like that unicorn is Carole Middleton.

Kate should spend as much time as she wants at her mother's house, if that's where she feels most comfortable. She's on maternity leave from her royal duties, after all, and I'm sure Carole is loving every minute she's getting to spend with her daughter and grandson. And if I were a betting woman, I'd say in a few weeks, Kate's plans will change. Because babies? They always be changing.

What do you think about Kate Middleton staying with her mom?


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nonmember avatar Tora

This is so sweet and it's nice to know that they are just normal people like us.

Mary Beery

i think thats fine that way kate will get her much needed rest and grandma will be happy to take care of her grandson no problem there

Diane Hansen

Just goes to show you there is nothing better than having your Mom around!!

Diane Klein Moke

I think it is fine for her to stay with her mom for awhile. it is out of the paparazzi's eyes...out of the public's eye..and her husband has gone back to work..great for her and for grandmom

Amanda Moseley

I know that when i had my kids i was the same way, I would stay at either my moms or my mother in laws, and they were a big help!!!!!!!!!


2mons... 2monstersmommy

They always be changing...... that ruined the whole damn article.

Pauline Leatham

I think that is wonderful.Kate is so fortunate to have her Mum help out and it gives everyone a chance to bond with the baby.Mother's do come in handy with teaching their daughters little helpful ways .

Jessica Day

Actually, Carole is the four leaf clover, not the unicorn, although I don't think I'd want to be either of them, based on what you described... a poor four leaf clover stuck in a unicorn's butt or the poor unicorn who had that clover shoved in its butt with a rabbit's foot by a horseshoe.

Mariagnes Margaret Hayes Moran

I stayed with my mom the firsst time and my mom stayed with me the next three times.  My mom wasn't alive for my baby girl which has always been a sorrow for me.




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