8 Natural Ways to Treat Baby's Diaper Rash (PHOTOS)

baby diaperIt's the worst feeling in the world when we see our babies uncomfortable or in pain -- especially when they're suffering from a nasty case of diaper rash.

Sometimes no matter what we do to try and prevent it, the poor little things wind up with a raw, red tushy -- which is no fun for anyone.

And when choosing a cream or method to treat diaper rash, it's important to find something that will take care of the problem yet still be gentle enough for baby's delicate skin.

Here are eight great natural treatments for diaper rash that should help your little one smile again in no time.


Image via madgerly/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Cdukes

I swear by coconut oil. It is the BEST. The doctor prescribed a medicated ointment for my son's tush but before I used it I gave coconut oil a try. The rash and impetigo was gone within one day! I was so happy I didn't have to use the medicated cream!

gb_he... gb_hendricks

I tried the breast milk method, for myself it was unsuccessful. Not to say it may not work on others. I ended up using Boudeaux's Buttpaste in excessive amounts on top if Aquaphor healing ointment. I wanted as natural approach as possible but ended up going with a more traditional route.

gb_he... gb_hendricks

Maybe I will try the coconut oil next time.

Arian... AriannaBadwolf

I can't access the pictures for some reason... the slide thing wont work, and if I try the arrows, it goes to the next story or whatever about celebrity nip slips. WTF?

Nicho... NicholeE77

The one thing that ALWAYS has worked for any diaper rash my kids have had is baking soda in their bath water! Works better than any type of cream or ointment on the market for diaper rash. I was given that advice by the kids' pediatrician and have sworn by it.

nonmember avatar Kayla

Per our pediatrician's advice, we used Crisco on our daughters most recent diaper rash that we just couldn't get to clear up. 2 days later, it was gone!

rphar... rphardwick

I can vouch for yogurt! I have used that on all 4 of my kids and it works great!

Jane Corbett

I swear by zinc cream. its great! always helps baby rash

two_moms two_moms

We tried the natural stuff (yogurt, oatmeal baths, baking soda, etc) but none of them worked for our son. About the only time he ever got a rash was when he was teething - yeast. So for those we had to use either nystatin prescription or gynelotremin, lol! Any other rashes, the only thing that worked was Triple Paste. Stubborn tushy!

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