Mom Kicked Out of Pool for Breastfeeding & She Deserved It

poolAnother day, another mama getting scolded for nursing in public. A new mom was at a swim club recently when her baby realized he was hungry. Doing what any breastfeeding mother would do, Stephanie Wilby whipped out her breasts and started feeding little Leo, her 4-month-old son. But when a club employee got wind of what was going on, Stephanie was asked to stop on the claim that it was "indecent."

But wait. Before you go lighting stakes on fire and gear up to charge, this story has a twist: Stephanie was breastfeeding her son while waist-deep in a pool.

'Lil different.


Now, I'm pro-breastfeeding. I say if you can nurse your kid until he can get up and make himself a sandwich, great. And if you want to nurse in public, do it. I never breastfed without a Hooter Hider, but I used to live in Brooklyn. You literally can't get a cup of coffee there without walking directly into a woman's bare breasts. But something about doing it in a public pool -- waist-deep to be exact -- seems unnecessary. If it's your pool, or a friend's, go for it. And I by no means think anything about breastfeeding is "indecent", but is it so much to ask to plop down on a lounge chair and nurse out of the pool? And wouldn't it be safer? No need to worry about being splashed by kids; your baby, god forbid, slipping out of your arms; or wading in a cesspool of children's urine and chlorine. Seems like an all-around more pleasant experience for both mom and baby.

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At the end of the day, some women are more open than others. And while I don't by any means consider myself prudish, I don't know, breastfeeding in the middle of a public pool isn't something I would ever do. That said, if I saw Stephanie nursing her kid in the pool, I wouldn't give her a dirty look. But I might be slightly irritated if I had to keep preventing my kid from playing near Stephanie, as not to splash her and the baby.

What do you think about where Stephanie chose to nurse?


Image via Earl Johnston/Flickr

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