Kate Middleton May Be Breaking With Royal Baby Portrait Tradition in a Beautiful Way

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kate middleton prince william prince georgeWe haven't seen Kate Middleton and Prince William since they stood outside of St. Mary's last month with tiny Prince George all bundled up in a cozy white blanket. But our next glimpse of the happy royal family may not be far off. What's more, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be passing on releasing a run-of-the-mill, traditional professional portrait, multiple sources told the Daily Mirror yesterday. Gasp!

A royal aide notes, "One of the options they are looking at is releasing a couple of family photos they have taken themselves. Kate has a great eye for pictures and wants the first official ones of George to be natural and in a relaxed environment." This way, they'd also be able to avoid the disruption to their routine that bringing a pro into their Bucklebury home would cause. 

The royals are also planning to release the cozy snapshots on Twitter and their personal website as soon as next week, so that "as many people have access to them who need to," according to People.

Aww! Fingers crossed it's true! Because how awesome would that be?!

Of course, lay people often use formal photography to announce their little one's birth, but there's a case for using less polished, but more intimate family photos, too. They have a personal touch -- and for Kate and Wills to let us in that way and even go so far as to make those photos the official baby portrait is amazing.

Apparently, not everyone is a fan of the idea, though. HollywoodLife.com interviewed a royal source who explained that using home photos would be “fine for the private album,” but “not good for an historic first picture of a future monarch.” Pfft.

Who says? Maybe this is just one more way the royal couple wants to break with another stale, stuffy tradition and modernize the monarchy in a lovely way. If that is the case, more power to them.

Would you prefer to see a family photo or professional shot as the official royal baby portrait?


Image via Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty

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Kediset Kediset

I'm all for natural :3 much nicer than having everything posed... not as interesting ;o and you might get something really good too :D

Todd Vrancic

I think a formal portrait can wait until he's old enough to show some personality, say two to three months from now.  My opinion doesn't matter, because it's not my kid.

nonmember avatar anna haley

natural beauty is the best way. its their choice.

Tina Moorman-Findley

Snap shot at home is fine ! I think because of what they have to deal with ! One thing the Prince won't get sick from other people's germ's!

Kim Howell Hargrove

I think Kate and Wills doing things their own way allows the rest of the world to see they don't think they are better than the rest of us just like Princess Diana tried to raise William and Harry both. The formal can wait until the baby shows a personality of his own and we are able to see if Wills intends to raise the new Prince the way his Mum raised him or if he will follow the older stiff backed Royals!

nonmember avatar Tams

He is adorable and a loveable little sweetheart. l just Love him xx

Kristin Tara Murphy-Burt

Professional photos can wait. Natural is better you catch more personal shots of the baby. With my second child I took more camera shots than professional shots. They are doing it their way and I think that is great.

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