Wimpy Parents Freak Out When Restaurant Bans Strollers

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strollersOMG. Parents! The world has ended! Armageddon is here! You better hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife because a restaurant has enacted, gasp ... a stroller ban!

What? You were expecting something ... devastating?

Tell that to Jason Desroches and his wife. They're talking about suing a restaurant called Flips that dared turn them away for bringing their baby daughter to breakfast in her stroller.

Because ya know, having a baby means you must have a stroller.

Doesn't it?

I said, doesn't it?

Er. OK, I'll 'fess up. I think these parents are out of their gourds.

Strollers are nice. But they're not a basic human right.

They have heard of babywearing, right? Whereby mothers and fathers since time immemorial have actually carried babies on their backs and fronts, rather than putting them in a wheely cart? It's actually pretty handy; my kid even does it with her doll.

Frankly, I never was very good at babywearing. I could never quite get the hang of it without feeling severe pain in my back, although I know plenty of moms and dads who have done it for years.

So I did use a stroller. Sometimes. I'm not ashamed to admit it!

It was great for long walks with a mom friend to lose my baby weight, and perfect for stowing packages when I went shopping. Yes, the stroller was mighty convenient.

But it wasn't necessary.

Heck, there were countless times when it was INCONVENIENT to lug that big thing along, so I left it at home, opting to carry my baby girl the other way parents have since the world began -- perched on my hip.

You get where I'm going with this, right?

For starters, the Desroches come off as a wee bit looney tunes, screaming about discrimination because a restaurant asked them to leave a non-essential item at home when dining with their baby. They're actually boycotting the place! And asking other parents to do the same.

Over a stroller.

But I do feel at least a little bad for them. Society has turned the stroller into a "must-have" item for parents, the kind of thing you feel you're supposed to have. Check out any how-to on registering for a baby shower or prepping for baby, and it's near the top of the list.

To be a parent in 2013 is to have a stroller, or at least to be told you should.

When did this happen? When did something that makes parents lives easier ... sometimes ... become a necessity? When did we become so dependent on these items of convenience that we actually throw a hissy when we're not allowed to use them?

Because the Desroches aren't the first parents to get angry when someone dared deny them their stroller. Have you ever read a rant on a parenting message board about people who give moms the stink eye for toting a giant stroller on a public bus? You'd think these people were attacking her for breastfeeding or, well, something that kids actually need to survive.

So let me just lay a little bit of knowledge on those kinds of parents -- the Desroches included -- your kid doesn't need a stroller, and neither do you.

You just want one.

And in the immortal words of one Mr. Mick Jagger, "you can't always get what you want."

Would you boycott a restaurant that banned strollers?


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kelti... kelticmom

And the first time a waiter trips over the wheel of the stroller and spilled hot food on their baby, they would be suing the *#@% out of the restaraunt too! Common sense people! There is NO room for a stroller at most restaraunts. Either hold your kid or put it in a highchair.

JS0512 JS0512

I wouldn't boycott them completely.   BUT, there are a few restaurants at our local mall that do not allow strollers in them.  If I'm already in the mall shopping, with my 2 year old in a stroller then I won't eat at those restaurants because I'm not comfortable leaving my stroller sitting out front of the establishment.  If we drove to the mall specifically to go to that restaurant and nothing else, then I'd let her walk in and we'd eat there.  But I think I've driven there exactly ONCE with the intention of just going in there to eat and do no shopping, or anything else.  For the restaurants that do allow strollers, we use a small enough one that I fold it up and stow it under the table so it's out of the way (and no, the "stroller free" restaurants won't allow that).

lulou lulou

This ones tricky. So many scenarios.  But walking is a good thing., And  I would be very upset if I walked a distance to a restaurant that previously accepted strollers, had a hungry child with me, and did not have other options. 

Caera Caera

No - I'd eat there as often as I could.

nonmember avatar April

I can see why places ban them. they are big, bulky and tend to get in the way. Most restaurants don't have a "stroller Parking" options. Most restaurants try to cram in as many tables as possible. I've also seen parents get out of a car, put their kid in a stroller and wheel it in. Why? I don't get it. I have been in stores that ban strollers completely. I myself was never super attached to my stroller. it was handy when the kids were small to be able to walk around places, but we never used ti for shopping or eating out

littl... littlemama3098

I have three kid with my youngest two only 21 months apart. I have not used a stroller one time since the youngest was born 7 months ago. And I go all the time. People need to stop acting so entitled. And babywearing is so much easier anyway!

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

As long as the restaurant offered high chairs, there is no reason to have a stroller in a restaurant.  If they didn't have high chairs, then the parents of a child who needs one should not have chosen to eat there.  And agreed with previous comment that if the server had tripped and spilled something on their child, they would also sue.  Some people just hunt for things to be upset about!

Setsuki Hetachi

I rarely if ever use my stoller and my child is 17 months now. I dont get why you really need the stoller most of the time, I carried my child most of the time. I dont bring my stoller in resturants because it is a hazard in any situation.

kelly617 kelly617

I can't say I've ever taken a stroller into a restaurant. If we're going out to eat I just carry my kid from the car....and if we're somewhere like the mall we just do the food court so its not an issue....anything goes in that circus.

I don't think I'd boycott because a restaurant said no strollers...I'm sure its for a good reason. Someone probably tripped and they got sued.

nonmember avatar Rach

It's amazing that you managed to make an article on a restaurant that doesn't allow strollers so dramatic. A stroller is a necessity for me. I'm seven months pregnant and my 10-month-old weighs 27 pounds, so I get pretty sore if I try to carry her around all day. I'd be pretty disappointed if a restaurant wouldn't serve me because of that, but then I'd just go somewhere else.

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