Baby Gear You Can Buy Now & Use for Years

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Aug 12, 2013 Baby

diaper bagBeing green isn't easy when you have a baby. Even if you're the most eco-minded mama on the block, the fact is, when you have a child, you have to go out and buy some stuff. Nursing, cosleeping, and using disposable diapers (or, heck, elimination communication!) are great ways to help reduce waste, but there still are some things that are going to have to be purchased after your little one makes his or her big debut.

These 7 multifunctional baby products are perfect for the natural mama, as they help reduce "stuff". And if you can find them used or borrow them, all the better!

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  • Dresser




    Instead of going out and buying a piece of furniture that's solely designated as a changing table, buy a regular chest of drawers and secure a changing pad on top. When baby has outgrown diapers, they'll have a perfectly good dresser to use.

  • Summer Infant 3-Stage Booster


    The Summer Infant 3-Stage Booster Seat starts out as a seat positioner for your infant. It can then be converted into a "play area" for them with the attachable entertainment piece. And then, finally, it can be attached to a chair as a booster seat.

  • YiAhn Bassinet


    The YiAhn Bassinet is by far one of the most multifunctional baby products out there. Made from bamboo plywood, stainless steel, and chrome metal, it starts out as a bassinet, then turns into a toy bin and bookshelf, then turns into a desk and chair. One baby product for years -- and years -- to come.

  • Munchkin Travel Booster Seat


    Another multifunctional booster seat. The Munchkin Travel Booster Seat converts from a diaper bag into a seat -- perfect for when you're out and about.

  • Bambini Convertible Chair


    Yes, $443 is a lot to spend on a highchair, but. The Bambini Convertible Chair literally can last an entire lifetime. After being a place for your little one to eat, it converts into a rocking toy, and then an adult-sized chair. Not bad, considering how much baby stuff people wind up getting rid of.

  • Convertible Crib




    There are many cribs out there that convert into "big girl/boy beds". The Gulliver crib from Ikea lets you remove a bar when your child is old enough to climb in and out of bed.

  • The Ergo


    If you buy one baby carrier, make it the Ergo. It's one of the only carriers that's good from newborn to toddlerhood, when you can carry your little one on your back!

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