Airport 'Lactation Stations' Are a Dream Come True for Breastfeeding Moms

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mamavaThe latest innovation in the slooooowly developing area of accomodating breastfeeding moms? Airport "lactation stations." That's right: Mamava, making its debut at Burlington International Airport in Vermont this month (which just happens to be National Breastfeeding Month), is a breastfeeding/pumping station complete with antimicrobial surfaces, electrical outlets, and "soft lighting." In other words, a heavenly oasis for the traveling, lactating mom.

Now, perhaps this idea makes you roll your eyes and think some petty thought along the lines of, Oh, like it's really so hard to nurse a baby/pump in an airport? If that's the case, I can only assume you've never nursed or pumped in any public place, ever. 

Before I became a mom, my opinion of airports was pretty much: Eh, an inconvenient and annoying part of traveling, but whatevs. No big deal. Then I had kids, and I realized that a crowded airport is nothing less than the 10th circle of hell in terms of utter torment. What a fool I was, complaining about two-hour layovers when all I had to do was sit and read a magazine or knock back a couple of cocktails at the terminal bar! If only I'd known how much harder and more horrifying air travel would become when colicky babies/restless toddlers/bored big kids were part of the equation. 

And that's not even taking the whole nursing part of the equation into account. I don't know what it is about airplanes/airports that brings out the breastfeeding haters, but more people I know (myself included) have run into opposition while flying the "friendly" skies than anywhere else. 

My kids are way past the point of breastfeeding, but if I ever had another baby, I would be thrilled to find one of these in an airport. Wouldn't you??

Do you think airport lactation stations are a good idea?


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lindy... lindylouwho

I think they're great for moms who don't feel comfortable nursing in public.  I hope though that those who are comfortable though don't have to use them.  

Haley Maya Unger

I think it is great but I bet there will be a lot of people using them for other things.


Laura-Kathleen Redman

Breastfeeding stations? Ehhh, not so much.  I guess if I wasn't comfortable nursing in public, I would be inclined to use one.  But mostly, I think that these were put in place as another location to keep people from seeing breastfeeding and I wouldn't trust the airport to actually keep them as a clean "oasis." 

I had to double pump in the terminal at the airport in Atlanta and that was awkward, and my mother helped give me some privacy because I wasn't in to strangers wondering WTF I was doing, but I think I still would do that over again than risk doing it in a dirty "lactation station."  So those buggers better be sparkly clean!

dearg76 dearg76

I am one of those who wasn't comfortable nursing or pumping in public. Thankfully I didn't have to do much of it. But yes these stations I think its a wonderful thing for those of us who aren't comfortable nursing/pumping in public

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I actually had a mom friend post in a group of mine asking what she should do in regards to pumping at the airport... she had to make a round trip flight to pick up her older daughter and didn't want to bring baby with her. Trying to find a quiet/private place to pump... near an outlet? Yeah right! And airport bathrooms... *shudders*

This would have been a lifesaver.

nonmember avatar kaerae

This is fine for those who want them, but it doesn't negate the right to breastfeed out in the open if one chooses. I'd prefer the privacy, but many women don't mind, and it's their choice, it's still the law!

lulou lulou

I was comfortable nursing in public, but would still choose a relaxing Nordstrom lounge and comfy chair anyday.  Plus they had that little cookie station nearby it also.

Brain... BrainyMommy

So breastfeeding moms have complained about the inability to nurse in public but now theyr'e happy to be shut away into some offsite room? Does this mean the airport can now ban women from breastfeeding in public since they've provided them an accommodation? Personally, I don't trust these arrangements as I think they'll be used to ban women from breastfeeding in public.

Todd Vrancic

It doesn't look big enough to accommodate a family.  Why would you want to isolate the mother and baby from the rest of her family?  Just my opinion.

nonmember avatar Guest22

Older babies/toddlers are very easily distracted while nursing and sometimes they require a quiet spot- this is a great solution for such situations. It's just nice to have the option- it's still the mum's choice whether or not they want to use it. Nursing in public is great but pumping in public isn't very comfortable!

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