Teeny Tiny Nursery for Baby Girl Makes the Best of Tight Quarters

Small spaces can present such a challenge when it comes to designing a nursery, which is why I love sharing examples of how to do it right! This nursery for baby girl Margot is tight quarters to be sure, but everything is so light and bright and fits perfectly, so who cares? 

Check out the photos to see what I mean ...


The big window in this small room helps immensely by allowing plenty of natural light to come flooding in, an easy way to make things feel more open. Notice the flower box outside. Such a lovely touch! 

Baby girl's mom is an anatomical illustrator -- cool, right? The pieces on the wall are her own works, a personal touch and non-traditional in every sense of the word in a totally awesome way.  

The corner houses a cute little nook filled with books and other treasures. I also really like the mirror hung at eye level for tummy time and crawling adventures. So smart!

Paper flowers and hanging shelves for book storage are both delightful additions and a smart use of space too. 

So there you have it: that's how a tight space is decorated right! Keep the fixtures light and the clutter off the floor, add storage where you can, and remember that minimalism is your friend!

Do you have any experience decorating a small space for your child? I'd love to hear about it! 

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