Mom Hoping for a Daughter Gives Birth to Her 12th Son

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it's a boyI've known many women or men in my day who have their hearts set on a child of a specific sex. They desperately want a girl or are dying for a boy. And sometimes, it doesn't work out the first go 'round, so they try again. Then, on occasion, it doesn't work out the second go 'round, so they try again. Then maybe, if it still hasn't worked out and they still have their hearts set on a son or a daughter, they'll try one more time. And if it doesn't pan out then, seems like they typically call it. Not Kateri and Jay Schwandt. In their quest to have a girl, Kateri just gave birth to their 12th child. And guess what? Like their 11 other babies, he's a boy, too!

Could you imagine?

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Tucker Ray Schwandt was born on August 4, and like his 11 older brothers, he was a surprise. "We didn't know what he would be when he was first born," Kateri said. "We don't find out. It's always a boy, but it's always a surprise." Her husband Jay added: "I never imagined I'd be sitting here with my 12th child."

Yes, this little boy is precious and cherished and amazing like their other children, but it's hard to not feel a little bad for the parents here. Especially the mom. Not only is she ridiculously outnumbered, I'm sure there are days when she just wants to buy a dang foo-foo dress and a hair bow. And the noise, oh the noise! If there's one thing little boys are good at, it's running around and making lots of noise! "Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a locker room," Kateri said. Poor woman!

The couple, shockingly, hasn't ruled out trying for one more baby. Maybe the 13th "will be the charm," Jay said. I say go for it. I mean, from a mathematical standpoint, their next kid has to be a girl. Right?

How crazy is this? Did you or your partner have your heart set on either a boy or a girl?

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Jackie Scritchfield

That is just an insane number of kids to me but as long as they can provide for them and they are all happy and healthy then good for them! I got lucky with a son and then a daughter so my husband and I are both happy.

Christina Falconer

Maybe the dad needs to have his sperm checked before they try again, i mean maybe he doesn't have any "girls" in there?? lol 

the4m... the4mutts

Hey, if they can afford it, then more power to them! Have 100 kids if it makes you happy.

katyq katyq

I used to be a cashier in a grocery store and once a week a mom and dad and their ten or so kids would come in to buy groceries and i'd ring up like 1200 dollars in groceries and the man would pull out his checkbook and write a check for the whole thing each time. Crazy.

nonmember avatar blh

I hate when people say having a stupid amount of kids is OK as long as you can afford it. Even if you have enough money you cannot possibly be having each child enough attention. It just isn't doable. Besides this is stupid BC there's no guarantee that they'll ever have a girl. All that trouble for nothing. Just adopt one if you're that desperate.

nonmember avatar Lilo

Fun article. Who knows maybe the next child will be a girl!

Happy... Happydad73

I hope if they keep having kids, she keeps popping out boys. Stupid people should be punished by the universe. If you are going to keep cranking them out just to have a girl then you obviously fit that bill.

Angie Bugaj Stickley

Nowhere in their article or televised interview did it say that they had 12 kids in the hopes of having a girl.  They are Catholic and believe in "nature taking it's course", hence the number of kids.  Pure fluke that they are all boys and judging by how happy they all look and act, they have no regrets about the many boys they have.  Of course they joked about wanting a girl but it was a joke, that's all.

Emmie25 Emmie25

My husband has two boys from his first marriage and we have 2 boys together and expecting our 3rd baby. Not sure if its a boy or girl yet. Probably boy since my husband comes from a family of all boys.

Judy Easley

By my third, I really wanted a boy.  I would not have thrown another girl back, but I just wanted at least one of each, and I had two girls.  Luckily for everyone involved, he came equipped with a penis.

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