Prince George's Christening: Everything We Know So Far

prince georgeSo, anyone seen new photos of Prince George lately? It's been two weeks now, and new moms everywhere need to see what the baby is wearing so they can buy it themselves. Sigh. While we're waiting, let's talk about something else. Like Prince Georgie's christening! We still haven't heard an official announcement confirming that the ceremony will happen, although it's pretty darn likely that William and Kate will follow tradition. But it's never too late to start obsessing. So herewith, everything we know about Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge's christening-to-be.

When and Where: Those who know are predicting the christening will take place in late September or early October. The Prince of Wales, the Princess Royal, the Duke of York, and Prince William were all christened in the music room of Buckingham Palace by the Archbishop of Canterbury, so it's pretty safe to assume the same for Prince George.

Christening Gown: The Prince will wear a hand-me-down. In 2004 the Queen deemed the 1841 christening gown, which had been worn by 30 babies including Prince William and the Queen herself, too fragile for further use. She commissioned Liverpool designer Angela Kelly to create a replica of the gown. Since then, it has been worn by two daughters of Peter and Autumn Phillips, Savannah and Isla Elizabeth, and James, Viscout Severn. The original gown has been preserved as an heirloom.

Godparents: The Prince is expected to have six godparents, three men and three women. Prince Harry and Pippa are expected to be chosen. Other possible candidates include William's cousins Peter and Zara Phillips, William's friend Thomas van Straubenzee, Kate's friend Alicia Fox-Pitt, and the children of Camilla.

Church of England loves cake: The most important question is what will everyone eat? It's traditional in England to serve the top tier of your wedding cake at your first child's christening. The alcohol content in Will and Kate's wedding fruitcake will have helped preserve it, but of course that cake was frozen as well.

What to Wear: Kate could wear anything from a designer garden party dress to something more formal, like a suit. William will probably be in his suit and tie.

How soon do you think Prince George's christening will be?


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mustb... mustbeGRACE

Why would someone be "christened" in a secular ceremony in a museum?

Michelle Ndiaye

why n the world would Camilla children be god parents that's just wrong

momof... momof3woods

I agree with Michelle, that just seems super creepy that the children of a woman, and I use that term loosely, that had a long-term affair with your sperm donor, would be a god parent to your child. uncool.

Teal Chastain Blacksten

Why all the Camilla hatred? She and Prince Charles have been devoted to each other for decades. Charles was forced into marriage w/ Diana when Camilla was the true love of his life. It's not like Charles was the first royal to have an affair, even though that's definitely not the best thing he could've done. It's been long enough. Let it go.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

It's not a secular ceremony if it's performed by an archbishop, obviously.

Patricia Murphy

Diana's two sons Princes, William and Harry accept Camilla as their father's wife. They respect her so I don't know why others have a problem with it now. The princes know better than anyone the true situation and have no objections.

I think the christening will be just the same as all the other royal christening events. It is the royal tradition after all!

Patricia Murphy

The media hype up everything.  I bet the whole thing will run like clockwork and Prince William will be happy with the choices made regarding godparents etc.

nonmember avatar S Daniel

But let's not get off the track here -- other than that christening gown, what will Prince George be wearing or wrapped in? And will he be waving again?

Mopsy... MopsyTheBunny

Leave off Camilla, she makes Prince Charles happy and as has been pointed out above-his kids accept her and they are in the position to decide, not us.

Buckingham Palace is not a museum, it is the Queens official residence in London. The presence of the Head of the Church of England (The Queen), the leading Archbishop and the content make the ceremony make it a CofE service. After all, vicars carry out baptisms in places other than churches-hospitals for example if a baby is not likely to survive.

Laura Clements Hamann

If it weren't for the affair with Camilla, there would have been no divorce and Diana would still be with us today. Charles could have fought for his love for Camilla or followed in the footsteps of his uncle, but instead he wimped out and ruined another woman's life!

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