Mom Who Gave Birth in Subway Proves Women Don't Really Need Hospitals to Deliver

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Mothers plan their births down to the tiniest detail, but let's face it, babies sometimes do what they want! In the case of a Washington, DC resident named Shavonnte Taylor, her baby wasn't due for another 17 days, so she thought it would be fine to hop on the city's Metro system to head to a doctor's appointment. But this kid apparently likes city transport because he decided he was going to make an early -- and dramatic -- appearance. Born right there on the station platform, in front of hundreds of commuters. Talk about an entrance!

Taylor said she had just stepped out of one train and was preparing to walk to her transfer when she felt contractions. She told the Washington Post:

Once I got off the train, they got worse and they were coming back to back. It took me down to my knees.

At this point, Taylor's bad luck turned to good. An EMT who had trained in delivering babies heard her cries and ran to help. Several other bystanders stopped to assist, and soon the platform was covered with a shirt so the babe wouldn't get dirty.

Meanwhile, a station manager who heard the moans also rushed over to investigate. The manager, Saa Alpha, is a father of five but had never seen a baby born -- and he was about to get his chance! As soon as the baby "popped out," the EMT placed him -- for it was a boy -- on momma's chest.

Mother and child were taken to a nearby hospital and are doing great. This is Taylor's fourth child. She named him Amir, not L'Enfant, after the subway stop, as many were suggesting. L'Enfant is French for "the child." Of course!

Considering how sanitizied hospitals are, it's always an interesting reminder that babies can be born pretty much anywhere and survive. We are a hearty species! Not that I'm recommending a subway/elevator/taxi/helicopter birth.

This is something the spectators won't forget. "It was just awesome," says Alpha. Taylor was certainly more fortunate than the New York City woman who gave birth on the subway all by herself. (Not to mention that DC subways are much cleaner than NYC ones. Trust me on that one.)

Someone give this kid a free Metro pass for life!

Have you ever given birth somewhere strange? Do you worry about it?


 Image via LisaW123/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Lilac

This mother didn't at all prove that women don't need hospitals to deliver. She was lucky enough that a birth certified EMT was on the train and they were immediately transferred to a hospital. I ride this metro and its not very clean.

nonmember avatar Tilly

This is so irresponsible to post. I had a text book pregnancy and labor but baby was too weak to come out on his own. Even a regular csection was not enough and I ended up with an extra incision and a far more dangerous recovery. IF I had been home to give birth both myself and my baby would have died. If some girl reads this and decides to have their baby at home, their blood is on your hands.

miche... micheledo

With my first three I would not have wanted to give birth that way.  It would have been very scary.  However, since then I have learned a lot more about birth and am more knowledgeable, more aware of what is going on in my own body, and more confident.  My 3 week old was born into my own hands the very minute our midwife arrived at the house.  It was perfect!!!  And it seemed odd when people asked if I was scared or commented on how calm I seemed about it.  Birth is natural and can happen anywhere.  You don't NEED a trained person there.  (For the majority of births).  

And - hospitals are some of the worst places for disease.  I know many who have gotten very sick after being in a hospital.  They really aren't these completely sanitized places.  After all - the sick and dying are in hospitals.  :)

nonmember avatar kaerae

"proves it?" How dumb. Of course you don't need a hospital to birth a healthy baby with no complications, most women choose the hospital on the chance the baby is born in distress, or the mother or baby have a medical issue undetectable in utero. It's the same reason you wear a seatbelt even though most people will never have a bad car accident.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

Some people like me need an epidural :)

Brain... BrainyMommy

Whoo-hoo. We can have women deliver at home and return to the high maternal and infant death rate of the 1800s. What a success.

crick... cricketmk3

Sure, you can have a perfect delivery and birth a healthy baby anywhere. But what if everything´s not perfect?

Roxan... Roxanne71

All women do not need hospitals to have a baby?  Tell that to my friend that nearly died from preeclampsia.  An emergency c-section saved her and her baby's life.  Also, if I hadn't spent 2 months on monitored bedrest in the hospital my baby would have been born severly premature and died.  I'm all for natural, home births but hospitals and doctors do serve a purpose.

Sarah Cazier

What a bunch of uneducated hacks. Infant mortality rates of the 1800's??? You realize that we aren't that far off from that right? In fact, the US has a ridiculously high mortality rate considering our 'high tech industrialization'. You might as well say "We should all live in hospitals in case we get sick"... I choose to give birth in a hospital because I'm a wuss who wants the drugs... but I only know 1 mamma who chose to give birth at home and ended up needing a hosp. The other 25 did perfectly fine at home or other non-hospital environment. Sadly, I'm familiar with several hospital births of friends and family who lost a full term baby at the end of a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. Here's something to think about... many industrialized countries dont let you give birth in a hosp. unless you are deemed high risk!

Brain... BrainyMommy

@Sarah - You accuse of us of being "uneducated", yet your assertion that our current mortality rate (which - I agree - is too high) approaches that of the late 1800s and early 1900s is profoundly stupid. Such a severe lack of knowledge suggests that you shouldn't be raising a puppy, much less a defenseless human.

Here are the facts about mortality rates. 1 in 100 around the start of the 1900s. 24 in 100,000 in 2008. Nowhere close to each other.

Jesus, Sarah, grow a brain. 

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