Beyonce & Blue Ivy Wear Adorable Matching Shoes (PHOTO)

beyonceBeyonce's Instagram has been going off lately. If you don't follow Queen Bey, or aren't on Instagram, please do both immediately. The singer posts all sorts of cute/fun/artsy photos of herself and, on occasion, her adorable daughter, Blue Ivy. But the latest pic Beyonce uploaded was of her, Jay Z's, and Blue Ivy's shoes. And they're all matching. And I just died, because this is so g.d. cute. So please hold my ghost accountable for anything written from here on out.

Full disclosure, I love when moms or dads and their daughters or sons dress matchy-matchy. Not exactly the same, but in something similar. The same pattern; both in white dresses; or, like in Beyonce's case, a similar shoe (with mom's being a heel, obv). It sounds kind of corny on paper, but, if done right, matching parent/kid outfits can actually be super stylish and chic.

I've never bought anything "matching" for my daughter and me, per se, but I have every intention of doing so when she gets a bit older. And now, even though she's only 15 months, we still sort of match on occasion. A white onesie for her, a white T for me; a denim romper for her, a denim shirt for me; a diaper for her, a diap-- just kidding. I'm out of diapers. Just overnights to bed, and that's all.

So, if you don't have anything that's somewhat similar to your child, I can't urge you enough to do so. And neither can Beyonce. This truly is too cute for words, despite the fact that I just wrote 330 of them on this.

Do you and your baby ever match?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Kristi

I have always been a hater of the matchy matchy identical crap! I don't know why I just DO.However I think it is cute when clothes complement each other. Like the shoes in the picture. The baby shoes go with the moms but they aren't high heels and exactly the same. That is what I like. Make sense? No.I can't really explain it.....

nonmember avatar Kristi

P.S. thanks for making me admit I like something that stupid Beyonce did.....

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