Nursing Tops That Are Stylish, Functional, and Won't Make You Look Pregnant

nursing maternity topOne of the many (many) mysteries of childbirth is why nursing tops almost always double as maternity tops. Don't designers realize that once the baby is out, we are done (DONE!) with the maternity tops and ready to look unpregnant? Sure, we're not jumping back into our old clothes right away, but put the postpartum body in a flowy empire waist top and folks aren't going to know the baby's already out. There's nothing more awkward or mortifying than someone asking you for your due date when your 12-week-old is asleep at home. (Trust me!)

But, there are some stylish nursing tops out there. And yes, most of these are billed as maternity tops too, but I don't think anyone will be asking you how far along you are if you wear one of these ...


This babydoll nursing top from Milk is super cute for summer and doesn't scream maternity or nursing. This one you could even wear when you're done nursing. On the practical side, it has wide straps to hide your nursing bra and the ribbed section of the front lifts up to reveal a second layer of fabric with easy access to the good stuff.

babydoll breastfeeding shirt

This tank from ELLE Maternity on Etsy has a striped layer that pulls down and the underlay beneath is only half length so it can pull up. You don't have to reveal your belly at all while you nurse.

nursing tank striped


This knitted breastfeeding top from Seraphine wins points for ingenuity. The snaps on the sleeves offer both a cool design element and easy access to the milk machines.

nursing top

For more breastfeeding-friendly fashions, check out my Stylish Nursing Tops board on The Prowl.

Do you have a favorite style of nursing top?

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