Prince Charles Gives Royal Baby Cutest Nickname Ever

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Kate Middleton Prince William Prince GeorgeHere we are getting used to the royal baby's name, and it's already changing! Yes, ladies and germs, Kate Middleton and Prince William's itty bitty boy already has a nickname. But don't blame Mom and Dad. This one is on Grandpa!

Prince Charles -- who was one of the first to meet His Royal Highness after the Duchess gave birth -- hasn't been able to stop talking about his new grandson at public outings since the birth, and he let slip the new moniker this week.

The royal baby is now Prince Georgie!

Ah, yes, nicknames. Good enough for us common folks. Good enough for the royals!

Of course His Royal Highness' Prince George Alexander Louis, er, Prince Georgie's parents have nicknames of their own -- Kate is really Catherine, and the Duke has been referred to as Wills since he was a little boy. But the latter, at least, came from the prince's own mother, Princess Diana.

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Prince Charles is pretty gutsy to come out with his own name for the little guy. What if Mom and Dad didn't approve? Grandpa could be in the doghouse!

But I guess it's too late, now, huh?

This is one of the lessons you learn VERY early as parents: you can't control what people will call your child. Not only did my husband and I find ourselves giving our daughter silly nicknames (some of which I'll never share, lest one of her friends Google her in a few years), but everyone we were close to had their own version. A few have asked us if it's OK to call her something different from her real name -- a gesture I appreciated -- but most don't. And that's life.

Trust me ... if you're upset about the nicknames people are using for your brand new baby already, just wait until they start school. You ain't seen nothing yet!

The good news for Kate and Wills is the now very public nickname for their son is absolutely adorable. If I had a George, I wouldn't be able to resist calling him Georgie myself. Well done, Grandpa!

Does your baby have nicknames yet? Have the grandparents pulled a Prince Charles?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

Both my children have had nicknames and variations n their name, the only one that bothers me is when people call Andrew Andy. It's Andrew or Drew, not Andy, thisisn't Toy Story.

Cheryl Hill

speaking of royal nicknames, harry is still using his. his given name is actually henry, not harry. but, when he was introduced to the world as a baby, his dad said "we will call him "harry" & that name stuck. who knew then that he would still be using it. when is it going to be henry?

Katt709 Katt709

My kids are Wesley, Oliver, and Adelyn. People are forever calling the boys Wes and Oli. Both of which drive me crazy, but I expected it and just grit my teeth and move on. We named Adelyn with the intention of calling her Ady. And so we do - call her Ady and I'm good with that. I just wish people would leave the boys names alone!

Alynn74 Alynn74

I have more of a problem with people assuming my oldest son's given name is Trenton instead Trent. It has always been Trent and people continually think that we have shortened it. Drives me crazy some days.

kimmi... kimmieb87

My son gave himself a nickname as Johnboy.


Kathy VanBibber

my grandsons name is Jensen and we did not like it so we call him Frankie.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

While cute, "Georgie" is hardly an original nickname for George. He should've gone by his middle name and used "Alex". Sounds more modern if you ask me

nonmember avatar Lacey04

It's just a nickname, no reason to get upset over it. I don't think so anyway. My child's name is "Parker" and everyone we know calls him "Park" it has never bothered me. Btw-Georgie is a presh nickname !!

EvaSa... EvaSamuel

Princess Diana also called William "DDG" for Drop Dead Gorgeous.  I love a nickname!


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