Kate Middleton's Parents Will Likely Be Closer With the Baby Than Charles & Camilla

kate middleton babyThere's a ridiculous rumor going around, saying that Prince Charles and Camilla are "furious" at Kate Middleton right now, because she's letting her parents hog baby Cambridge. The Duke, Duchess, and little George Alexander Louis have been spending a good amount of time at Kate's parents' Bucklebury home, which is a big deviation from how other royal babies have spent their first few weeks. And which means Kate's parents are getting to spend more time with their new addition than Will's are.

Now, like I said, I seriously doubt Charles and Camilla are "furious" with their daughter-in-law over this, but if you believe the ol' "where there's smoke, there's fire" adage, there very well could be some truth to this. And isn't this something lots of couples deal with?

Royals. They really are just like us.


In my experience, it seems to typically be the case that one set of grandparents is the eensiest bit closer (or a lot closer?) with their grandkids than the other set. Growing up, I was a bit closer to my mother's parents than I was with my father's, really for no good reason at all. And in the case of my daughter, she's a bit "closer" with my father (my mom has since passed) than my in-laws simply by default. My husband's parents live a plane ride away, where my father is about an hour drive. And I've noticed the same thing with my friends, as well. I'm yet to see an instance where one set of grandparents is super close with the kids and the other not at all, but there's usually a slight noticeable difference. And, I don't know, from what I've seen, it kind of seems like the mom's parents tend to be the ones who are slightly closer. Maybe because, usually, mom is with baby more often than dad? (Or if dad's with baby more often, maybe baby's closer with his parents?) I realize it's not that way in every case, but does anyone else feel that way?

I'm sure on some level Kate Middleton and Prince William feel guilty that her parents are "getting all the fun". I know I do in my situation, but there's really nothing I can do about it, short of moving. The fact is, my daughter will likely grow up being closer with my father than she will with my in-laws. It's a bummer for everyone involved (even my dad feels bad!), but right now, here's where our lives and our jobs are. It is what it is.

In the case of Will and Kate, though (and many others), they are all close, proximity-wise. So it will be interesting to see how things play out. From what I've heard, Kate is extremely close with her parents -- hence, her bucking royal tradition and spending time at their place -- and she'll likely be spending a bit more time with the baby than Will. So if the Middletons got to see George a bit more than Charles and Camilla, I wouldn't be shocked. I also wouldn't be shocked if it annoyed them a bit. Furious seems like a bit much, but annoyance? Totally believable.

Is your kid closer with one set of grandparents?


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