Kristin Cavallari Has an Easy Trick for Enjoying Lunch Dates With Her Baby

Kristin CavallariIf her transition to motherhood wasn't already seamless enough -- get a load of this photo of Kristin Cavallari having lunch with baby Camden at a restaurant in L.A. She looks relaxed and not the least bit anxious about her little guy throwing a fit and ruining her meal.

Yeah, yeah -- I know she's a celeb mom and they make pretty much every aspect of being a parent look easy. But take a closer look at the picture. Kristin obviously has a simple trick she uses to make sure going out to eat with her baby doesn't turn into an experience from hell.


It may sound like a real no-brainer, but see how Camden is eating out of that little blue bowl? Yep. That's it. Kristin has figured out that as long as you bring snacks along in your bag, lunch dates with kids can actually be pretty enjoyable.

When I had my son, it only took one instance of going to a restaurant and waiting for a grilled cheese sandwich to arrive, letting it completely cool, cutting it into bite-sized pieces -- and listening to my little guy whine and squirm during the entire process for me to realize I had to pack snacks to tide him over. (I know. What a dummy.)

Babies can't be expected to sit there and wait for their food without their little tummies rumbling. From that point forward, I always had a dish of Cheerios or a can of those Gerber puff things in my diaper bag. And besides serving as an appetizer, I found out fairly quickly that serving snacks doubled as a distraction for my son. It gave him something to do instead of just sitting there strapped to a high chair while getting all bored and fidgety.

And there's one more huge plus to Kristin bringing food from home for Camden. This way she can control what he eats instead of serving up restaurant stuff, which may not be the best fit for him as far as nutrition goes. Considering she fed him goat's milk as a young infant, it's clear that she wants to give him more natural choices as opposed to typical restaurant fare.

Whatever she's giving him, she's obviously doing something right. Camden certainly appears to be one happy and mellow baby!

What kinds of snacks do you pack for your baby when you go out to eat?


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