4 Most Over-the-Top Baby Gifts Prince George Has Received So Far

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george the crocodileWhat to give the baby who has everything -- and I mean everything? Imagine having the responsibility to find a unique gift for the new royal baby, Princeling Georgie. How many silver rattles does a kid need, really? Faced with this intimidating challenge, people are digging deep and coming up with some of the most outlandish, impractical baby gifts ever known to babyhood. Like, for example, something alive, scaly, with lots of teeth ...

1. Baby crocodile from Australia's Northern Territory: Its name is George, it's a baby crocodile, and it will live with two other crocs named Will and Kate in Australia until human George becomes of age to decide a different fate, should he be so inclined. Perhaps once he's in college, he'd like to keep the croc as his college roommate, for example.

Did I mention George the crocodile comes with its own Facebook page?

2. Condoms from Finland: Because of course. Actually, they're part of the Finnish traditional maternity box, a gift to every expecting family from the Finnish government. The boy box just happens to come with condoms, which I find a bit perplexing. They're usually good for about five years or so if stored correctly, less if they're lubricated, so, um ...

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3. Skinny jeans from Kanye: Kanye and Kim sent baby-sized editions of his designs, including skinny jeans and hoodies. Ooh, that baby's gonna be so fly. But Will and Kate had better send a nice thank-you note with a photo of George in an outfit. You know Kanye's feelings will be hurt otherwise.

4. Cuff links from India Hicks: The goddaughter of Prince Charles has designed some cuff links for Prince George, monogrammed with the letter G. Reportedly they're for the christening. Did you know they make baby-sized French cuffs? I didn't.

So there you go, some of George's baby presents. Don't we all know someone, an in-law, a cousin, an old friend, who's impossible to gift because they buy themselves everything they want and need already? In those cases I usually go for something simple but handmade, something personal, which ... actually, some of these gifts are.

Do you ever have trouble finding unique baby gifts?


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EvaSa... EvaSamuel

The baby box from Finland is pretty incredible.  Women get them, along with prenatal care.  They are filled with lots of necessities for baby and the family and most Finnish newborns sleep in the box, too.  Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world as a result.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22751415

insei... inseineangel

Eva, a couple months back theStir actually did an article on that. I really found it fascinating. Maybe I'll consider that option with any future babies.

Rachel Booker

The condoms in the baby box are not for Prince George, and there is no "boy box." The boxes are unizex and are given to the parents. Since they were introduced more than 75 years ago, infant mortality has dropped significantly. They contain condoms because nursing mothers can get pregnant, may want to have sex with their significant others and should not be on oral birth control. Condoms are a reasonable, responsible choice for family planning.


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