6 Places Moms Shouldn't Bring Their Babies (If They Want to Stay Sane)

tantrumI know there are some of you out there who have babies you can take anywhere in the world, any time you'd like. I don't. While my daughter is somewhat easygoing, I'm well-aware of my limits. We've taken her on a few airplane rides (some better than others), and on occasion, we'll go out to an earlyish dinner -- but there have definitely been times when said dinner turns into a "You know what? Can you box this up for us?" kind of night. It is what it is. I've accepted it. But I'm not going to lie, sometimes, I wish I could take my baby anywhere, any time.

Moms, if you have a "feisty" baby, who has a tendency to let you know when it's time to leave RIGHT NOW!!!!, these 6 places are off-limits.

1. IKEA. Let's get real here, most husbands can barely handle IKEA. I swear, I am yet to go to IKEA and not see a couple arguing. The last time my husband and I went to IKEA together, it ended in a silent car ride home, and my husband uttering the words, "I hate these Swedish f*ckfaces" as we left the building. It's kind of a stressful place. So babies? Not the best place for them. At least not my baby. It's crowded as hell; it's cold; it's loud; and you really can't get good, solid browsing (and buying) in when you know you have a time limit until your baby starts getting cranky. And let's face it: Very few of us live close to an IKEA.

2. Waxing/mani/pedi/haircut/etc. I actually walked by a nail salon the other day and saw two women getting pedicures while their babies slept or relaxed in their strollers, and I had the same reaction as if I saw a Yeti: Complete and utter shock. This exists? I suppose I could have taken my babe with me when she was younger and couldn't walk when I went to get my eyebrows waxed or bangs trimmed, but now there's no way in hell I could ever do that. And if I did, it would single-handedly be the least relaxing salon experience of my life.

3. A fancy restaurant. I wouldn't dare take my baby to a fancy restaurant right now out of fear that she'd disrupt other diners' meals, but to be honest, I'm not so sure I feel a fancy restaurant is the place for a baby anyway.

4. Concerts/music festivals. While babies look super adorable wearing those giant noise-cancelling headphones, my kid would rip them off faster than you could say "permanent ear damage".

5. Movies. Shortly after my sweet girl was born, I learned about those "mommy movies" they have, where the volume is lower than usual, and the entire theater is reserved for moms with young babies. In theory, it's an awesome idea, but I never even bothered, because odds were I'd have to leave as soon as the credits started rolling.

6. Nighttime weddings. I went to a wedding not that long ago, where a mom brought not one, but two kids. Young ones. They were 2 1/2 and 10 months. When I asked her if she was going to leave early, she said, "No. My husband is just going to put them to sleep in their stroller." It was shocking and damn impressive. My daughter would never do that. She likes her nighttime routine as is. No deviations, thank you very much.

What places can or can't you bring your baby?


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nonmember avatar Kayakmom

Craft fairs!!!! I love them. Miss them but my lil dude wants to touch, grab, eat everything! Plus it's hard to see lil goodies if u have to use a stroller. When he was small enough for carriers it was even a hassle cause when you're carrying a baby, everyone wants to see or chat about lil one. Hey people I wanna see crafts! Lol

tcfla tcfla

The Ikea one made me lol.  My husband reacts the same way. 

Senia... Seniahmom

Lol. I've brought mine to all those places because as of right now I've been blessed with remarkably well behaved children (I think my oldest was born age 55). But a dear friend with children the same age so incredibly could not. They aren't naughty just act their ages. I'm waiting for mine to suddenly turn on me lol.

danit... danithegreat

I thought all Ikeas had daycare center in them? Or is that just the one I go to in MN across from Mall of America?

My little girl is pretty awesome most place I haven't dared tried the movie yet or a fancy dinner (even a buffet is a strech anything more then like 30mins is too much) But that's because I'm afraid she'd act up & I'd waste my money which is not easy to come by. 

April... AprilJune

My oldest could be taken anywhere (as long as she didn't miss her nap!). She would stay close, be polite, follow instructions the first time she was told (and still does all of that). My youngest is the opposite: she would walk away with a stranger, happily (she tried to a dozen times at the zoo last week!), screech and wiggle if tied in a stroller and laugh when I say "no". It is much harder to manage her while we are out. Just this weekend at mass I looked at my husband and mouthed: "We are NEVER coming back" after my one year old  tried to run up the aisle, yelled at the statues of Mary and went into another family's pew and started rubbing a stranger's arm (before I could catch her- she's a quick little muffin!). So....we're taking a break from attending mass as a family lol

Austi... Austinsmommy12

...your kid is a hellian. Give me a week with her. Who lets their kids act like that? Let them be kids, not the parents in charge. You do score points for at least refraining from torturing the rest of us with their inappropriate behavior.

mom_o... mom_of_2_2012

Yes, my little one is crazy in church as well.  He's very vocal - not naughty, just loud, and at only 14 months you really can't reason with him, so off to the nursery he goes.  Once a month I volunteer to help watch the little ones instead of going to the service.

Ikea does indeed have a playroom, but kids have to be a minimum height *and* they have to be potty trained to go in, so no babies.  I found the biggest problem with Ikea is that it takes 20 minutes to get the f*ck out of the store because it's so big (even when you take the special short-cuts).  Trying to escape with a screaming, flailing child and having to walk through almost every single department while everyone is staring at you is not especially fun (don't ask me how I know)...

Mara K Rajput

I decided to get a haircut while my lil son slept in his stroller.  A family who were leaving talked really loudly and woke him up.  He smiled and I hoped he'd stay happy, but knew it was unlikely.  The hair cutter put an apron on me and his pouty lip started and a look like, "Why are you hurting my Mommy?"  I held him the whole time, through shampoo and cutting.  He was screaming/crying.  It was at Walmart, so people in line got a good show!   Luckily Daddy came and rescued us after shopping!

nonmember avatar natz

Austinsmommy12 - that sounds pretty scary if you ask me. "Give me a week with her"?? Not all children are well behaved and respond well to situations like these. I have 2 boys...I couldn't do any of the above things with my eldest - doesn't matter what age he was (he's 18 months now), but my youngest (he's 4 months now), will sit in his stroller and smile at everyone...even falls asleep by himself!

megtone megtone

When my kids were young and older I never took themto myhair or nail appointments. First I thought It was horribly inconsiderate to the other patrons and secondly this was a relaxing time for me and Iwanted to enjoy it. My 33yr. old daughter is a hairstylist who also does mani/pedis & waxing beside just hair. She says it's unbelieveable how many clients bring there children to the salon without anybody to supervise them while they are having their appointment.From babies that have to be held to young kids that run all over the salon, scream & throw tantrums. She remembers that unless they had just a haircut and I wasn't getting anything done, I did not take them to my appointments. She now has a 5 month old baby and is careful about where she takes the baby,so it's an appropriate [place for children. She feel bad for the other clients who come in and pay good money to relax during this time of services and can't because of noisy children& totally agree.

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