The Royal Baby Name: What Would Diana Think?

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Kate MiddletonAs the entire planet knows by now, except possibly that small tribe native to the jungles of Papua, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William named their first born son George Alexander Louis. And, no, this wasn't after George Louis Costanza, famously played by Jason Alexander, as Twitter would have you believe.

People seem torn on the name, with many finding it a total fit for a future king, and others finding it kinda meh. (Count me in that one.) And many are wondering where Diana is. A nod to her in the form of using the name Spencer somewhere in there would have been nice. Did the Queen, who famously did not like Diana, deny the couple their Prince Spencer? Or maybe that whole Heidi and Spencer thing just turned the royal couple off? (It would me.)

Having the name Spencer, Diana's family name, anywhere near the little royal was always a long shot, given the animosity between the Spencer family and the royals. Diana's brother, Charles, gave a famously contentious eulogy at Diana's funeral.

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Officially, the couple did not have to ask Queen Elizabeth to vet their son's name, but chances are they didn't want to upset the castle-filled apple cart. Would you?

On the other hand, wouldn't it have been a nice nod not only to William's mother, but to the people of the world who continue to love Diana, if they'd put Spencer or Daniel or Dionis or something in there? Kind of baffling if you ask me, but perhaps they were determined to keep the little prince his own man. Still, there are reasons behind the trio of royal baby names.

George has always been the front runner for the London bettors -- what did they know that everyone else didn't? For starters, George is the name of Queen Elizabeth's father. King George VI reigned from 1936 until 1952. His life was famously depicted in the film The King's Speech. He had a speech impediment (that he overcame with the help of a speech therapist) and took over the throne after his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated because he wanted to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Wallis would have been an interesting choice of name. Without her, neither Kate nor William would be who they are, but as I predicted awhile ago, there was a snowball's chance in hell of that happening!

Louis is the first name of the Queen's husband Prince Philip's uncle, Lord Mountbatten. Alexander has no real special significance and could indeed just be a name they liked. Which gives you a clue that if it were a girl, maybe her name would have been Alexandra after all, as everyone was saying. (Funny how these things get out, eh?)

At any rate, there's always Spencer or Diana for the next baby. As for what Diana would have thought, I think we all know she would just be thrilled no matter the baby's name. So we should do the same. Nobody, not even a royal, likes to be told what to name their baby.

Were you disappointed with them leaving Diana out of the name?

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nonmember avatar Me

I think Alexander is after the Queen's middle name of Alexandra. Or Alexander the Great. Take your pick.

bills... billsfan1104

There will be more children that they can use the name Spencer.


We all know how he felt about his "mum",so yeah, I was a little surprised that I didn't see Spencer.Or maybe they have the name Diana picked and didn't want to use the family name Spencer because William really doesn't get on with that side of the family,especially Diana's brother.

Mopsy... MopsyTheBunny

King Spencer I, really? One day the baby will be King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, King Spencer does not inspire confidence.

Brandy Lee Click

If you would have listened to the news this morning The Royal Baby's name does take after the Spencer side too. There where George's and Louis' on Diana's side of the family as well.

Hannah Short

Or maybe, here's a crazy thought, the MOM actually liked this name and that's why she named her son that. You can't name a mother's child for her. 

Phyllis Goble

Lady Di would be proud of any child that William and Kate  has .  She would be proud as  any grandmother would be.  Maybe if they choose to have another it will be a girl and they will name her Lady Catherine Diana and that will piss the queen smooooth off.


Bev Richards

Don't you think that this baby really had to be named royally since he will one day be king...and that future children if they are blessed with them will have the appropriate nods to Diana, the Spencers and the Middletons sinde their names were also left out.

nonmember avatar julie

I don't really care for George but if they like it great. I understand they couldn't name it Spencer. Its a nice name but too trendy for a future king. I thoughtthey would put Francis in there being Diana's middle name and Kate's father's middle name. Alexander is nice. Would have thought Philip would be in there too. Wonder why only three names and not the usual four?

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Kim, please spare us the the pain of reading your completely useless article regarding your disapproval of a name chosen by an institution you obviously understand nothing of. Maybe discussing Kim Kardashian's choice of names is more suited to your portfolio?

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