Royal Baby Makes His First Public Appearance (PHOTO)

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Kate Middleton royal baby Prince WilliamIt's happened! Kate Middleton and Prince William finally introduced His Royal Highness, the new prince, to the world! The royal baby was born on Monday, and he and the Duchess of Cambridge got one night in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital to recover from the big birth before his first public appearance. But after the grandparents stopped by to visit -- Prince Charles and Camilla, of course, as well as Kate's parents -- it was time for the future king to make his big debut!

The Duchess, who reportedly had a hairdresser swing by before her release (can you blame her, she only has the world watching!), looks as radiant as we'd expect -- new motherhood agrees with her! And the royal baby is absolutely perfect ... of course!

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According to the Duke, he's even got mom's lips ... and more hair than Dad!

Now it's off to Kensington Palace for the new family! Congratulations!!

Look at this sweet face:

Royal baby

What did you think of the way they introduced the prince to the world?


Images via NBC News; Getty Images/Peter Macdiarmid

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femal... femaleMIKE

finally? She only just gave birth yesterday.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Her name is not Kate Middleton anymore. Do you still refer to William's mother as "Diana Spencer?"

LOVE_... LOVE_mygirls58

I personally love it this way.  Instead of rich people wanting millions of daughters to show of pictures

Nancy Hartwick

So sweet! Wills said...."Thankfully he has more hair than I"  Then he drove his wife and son home, safely buckled up in a carseat! How sweet! Love those two (now three)

Terri Angel

congrat 2 the princess duchess kate nd husband William.

Alison Campbell

They FINALLY showed the baby!? She just had him yestetday!!!

Megan Johnson

I think the finally is that they've been waiting for her to deliver the baby since the second week of July. ;-p

They look beautiful, and Kate looks radiant for someone who just delivered a baby!

Barb Prisinzano

I didnt ge to see Him??  I was sleeping!!    I work the 3 shift.

Melissa Thompson

Well I am Happy for the two of them but I do have to say that it would have been nice to see the baby's face. Camilla "Should Not" be called a Grandparent, She is NOT the mother of William or Kate !!! She's just a Douche Bag Mistress !!!

Frances Locke

@Jennifer, plenty of media sources called Diana "Diana Spencer" in the 80s. And I personally think it's great that Kate Middleton has been able to keep her own identity instead of being called "princess". It makes more sense anyway, since no one is gonna call her The Duchess of Cambridge all the time. 

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