Mom Writes Poem to Bring Breastfeeders & Formula Feeders Together

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smiling babyAs long as there are new mothers, there will be mommy wars. One of the biggest mom versus mom battles is the one over breastfeeding or formula feeding. I'm in both camps and breastfed my twins and I also know formula feeders love their babies too. Because I sure did.

I also know we can all get far too serious about the topic and sometimes we need something that makes us laugh. Something that bonds us. Something like ... a poem! Writer Kim Simon penned "A Poem to End the Mommy Wars" and found a common ground all mothers -- no matter what they feed their newborns -- can relate to. And guess what it is ....

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Sleep deprivation! All moms regardless if we breastfeed or formula feed or both have to deal with lack of sleep. Zombie-like states. Waking up every two or three hours. Simon writes:

My baby wakes up starving to death, and smiles his gummy grin.

I whip out my boob before he can scream, and he curls up on to my chest. 

I close my eyes and start to drift ... 

I rarely remember the rest. 

But one thing's for sure in the dead of the night, when I'm nursing by the light of my phone. 

I stare out the window and I imagine you're there, 

and I know that I'm never alone. 

Mamas, we have all been there. I miss those gummy grins but not the lack of sleep.

There are millions of mamas like me and like you, 

who are doing the night-feeding dance. 

Every three hours we cuddle our babes, 

even as they blow-out their pants. 

There's a dance that we do, all the mamas and I, 

a dance that's known only to us. 

It's a sway to the left and a bounce to the right, 

when the baby is starting to fuss. 

It's a pace down the hall and a rock in the chair, 

a song whispered ever so slow. 

We share the same rituals and bedtime routines, 

so I think that you already know ... 

That it really won't matter if you bottle it up 

or if milk sprays right out of your chest. 

We're all feeding babies with love in our hearts, 

while praying for a little more rest. 

So pull out your boobies or measure your scoops, 

Relax in your comfiest chair. 

When you're fed up and flustered or just tired and mad, 

look outside and you'll know that we're there.

We ARE all feeding our babies with love in our hearts.

So cut us some slack if we still lose our shit, 

we're warriors, we're troopers, and we've vowed not to quit. 

This feeding thing is hard though we're doing it well. 

With nipple shields, pumps, and some lanolin gel. 

We use formula, breastmilk, bottles, and pads. 

We'll do anything possible to nourish our lads. 

We're the same in the long run, no fighting allowed. 

We're all doing our best, we deserve to feel proud. 

I love this poem. Let's stop tearing each other down. Let's stop forcing moms to explain themselves. And as Simon says, "Let's cheers to the motherhood kicking our asses." Let me just add that we're all kicking ass at motherhood as long as we love our babies. Love to all mamas!

What do you think of this poem and attempt to end the mommy wars?

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corri... corrinacs

I liked that poem, thank you for sharing!

jalaz77 jalaz77

I think so many women have been saying this all along. It's the moms who live in a bubble that criticize. It's nice to read this anyway...

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Very cute! We could all live by this.

Blues... Blueshark77

Very nice! I'm so tired of the judging mommies.

Stacy Valdez

I love it, thank you for sharing it! <3

nonmember avatar Summer

Cute poem. As far as mommy wars , I think they are, I only see them online on CM. In real life I know no one who cares about how other women choose to feed their babies. Or whether they work or stay at home. No one seems to care in my circle of friends.

Donna Marie Wardwell

IM SORRY I DO FIND FLAWS IN THIS... Im not trying to be critical (AND FYI I DONT CARE HOW PEOPLE FEED THERE KID) but using the words "My baby wakes up starving to death," Most if not all of you do not know what that is like to actually have your child starving to death and dieing right infront of you and being at your wits end on how to help her you can see her dieing but cant help her you feed her but she continues to vomit more than you feed her all you think is how is this possible. you question yourself thinking your doing something wrong but in you heart you know there is something wrong with your baby you have her in and out of the doctors every day about the vomiting just to be told its you till she pukes on a doctor then they act like you forgot to tell them even though youve shown videos and documented everything about the voimt the she is rushed to surgery her intestants are taken out flipped around untwisted then put back in and her apendix taken out  and then shes 2 mo old and shes 8 1/2 pounds and you are looked at by other people as if you are a horrible parent when you say shes not a premee she was full term just servirly mal nurished the first three weeks of her life and then to stop getting those looks you have to explaine the whole story to complete strangers. I HOPE YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE PAIN OF WATCHING YOUR CHILD STARVE TO DEATH   my daughter almost starved to death and it was painful not knowing how to stop her from crying or vomiting.

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