Prince Charles Releases Touching Statement on Royal Baby's Birth

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Prince CharlesSquee! Kate Middleton gave birth to her royal baby boy earlier today, and it's safe to say the entire world is celebrating and sharing in her and Prince William's joy.

The royal family is said to be "delighted" over the news. Based on a statement released by Prince Charles about the arrival of his first grandchild, it's clear that having royal blood doesn't make him any less thrilled and excited to be a grandfather.

Here's the message from The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall:

Both my wife and I are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild. It is an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy.

Grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone’s life, as countless kind people have told me in recent months, so I am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future.

OMG. Is this the most adorable thing you've ever heard or what? Prince Charles always comes off as very business-like, and it's so endearing and sweet to hear the pure elation in his words -- as a father and grandfather.

I'm sure today brought back so many fond memories of the day he welcomed Prince William into the world. It must be such a powerful moment to see your son become a father for the very first time, and it's obvious that Prince Charles is very proud and so happy about this huge milestone in their lives.

And judging from the raw emotion in his statement, it's clear that he's speaking as a parent -- not a member of the royal family. Even though this is the biggest day in Prince William's life, he's no doubt missing his mother, Princess Diana, a great deal and wishing she could be there to meet her grandchild. And notice how carefully this statement was worded. He made sure to say "my wife and I," knowing full well that the baby's grandmother sadly could not be present.

Having his father's love and support must mean the world to Prince William, and it's just so wonderful to think of him watching his dad meeting and holding his baby for the first time.

Hopefully sometime tomorrow, we'll have the pleasure of "meeting" the new Prince of Cambridge as well!

What do you think of Prince Charles's statement?


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bills... billsfan1104

I think the death of Princess Diana changed them forever. And for the good. It is so nice to read his heartfelt excitement of the birth of his grandson.

nonmember avatar ECC

Are we reading the same posted message? "...looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future" sure sounds like 'Let me see when I can fit this into my calendar' and not the comments of a thrilled grandparent. Hopefully, his secretary can squeeze an appointment in before the first birthday.

Lorraine Davies

Too bad Diana wasn't alive to see her first grandchild, Cam has no right to be called a grandparent

Cookie Daniels Frampton

He should have added "I'm sure Diana would be very proud today" instead, he spoke of Camilla.....he is an idiot.....thank heavens Diana came into the Royal Family, William and Kate will do whats right!

Mary Bourous Gatanas

I think he should have said Camila and I??
Also saying looking forward to see the baby in the near future means that he is giving hi son and wife all the privacy they need so when william and Kate are ready to show the baby to them he will be right there, but I'm sure i Diana was alive William would have wanted her to be in the hospital with them which i'm sure Kates mom is there too...Congratulations to the whole royl familt very exciting, this day is very special...

Dronda Coomes

congrats to prince william and kate on the birth of thier son i wish princess diana was here to stand beside them and be the happy grandmother

nonmember avatar Dee Ostler

Congratulations to William and Kate on their little Boy. As for Camilla do not let her around one of the king Charles should of never married her due to the fact that she will be nothing other then the other women and that is the way it should be. William and Kate please and I mean please be safe around Camilla

Bernie Sorokach

I think Prince Charles gets a bad rap sometimes. I adored Princess Diana and so wish she could be here both for William & Kate's wedding and now the birth of the baby Prince. However, I do think that Prince Charles seems like a nice man and that he loves his children. He seems like he is very nice to Kate also.

Paula P Flores

Congratulation! that is Diana grandson too!

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