Royal Baby Name News Totally Disappoints Us

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kate middleton babyTime of birth: 4:24 p.m., July 22, 2013. After over 14 hours of labor (poor woman!), Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, delivered a healthy baby boy, weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. Finally! Here, here! Champagne toasts all around!

Buuuut the name of The Duke and Duchess' baby is not here. Boo! Hiss! Just kidding! We know the little one's title -- His Royal Highness, the First Prince of Cambridge -- but still, no name. There's a good chance William and Kate are still debating names, but odds are it will be one of two.

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Royal experts and average Joes alike have been debating what the royal baby's name will be -- boy or girl -- for quite some time now, and as far as male names go, the two favorites seem to be George and James. (Alexandra was the favorite for a girl name.)

I can't say it's an utter shock that we don't yet know the name of one of the most highly-anticipated babies in recent years, as it's somewhat of a royal tradition to delay announcing the name. With William, it took seven days to find out his name; and with Harry, it was a day. But I am slightly surprised the Duke and Duchess are still yet to reveal their son's name, as they've been known to buck tradition from time to time.

This is a name that will have enormous historical significance (we're talking the future King of England here), so likely we won't casually find out today. I'm sure Will and Kate want to take their time in choosing the perfect, noble name for their boy, if they haven't done so already. But dear god I hope we find out some time in the near future. We're all dying to know!! My money's on George.

Congrats to the Duke and Duchess!!! We couldn't be happier for you!!!

What name do you think Will and Kate gave the baby?

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nonmember avatar Shandeigh

Good gravy! 8lbs 6 oz? She was so itty bitty. Where was that boy hiding? I was huge and my son only weighed 7lbs 2 oz.

bills... billsfan1104

You guys cannot let it go?? First she lied about her due date and now knowing about the sex of her baby. Leave it be.

tcfla tcfla

hey on a earlier feed, didn't someone predict today date and 4pm time?  interesting.... Congrats to the new parents!

nonmember avatar Meghan

@tcfla I was thinking that to! Pretty sure I read it in a comment last night, someone guessed today and at 4:20-something... I can't remember which pussy it was on though.

Melis... Melissa1508

I think they should name him Tad.  


*It's too bad I have to put a disclaimer on here stating that I'm joking...some people are stupid enough to take me seriously.

Melis... Melissa1508

@Meghan....WHOA!  WHAT?!  LMAO...

fave82 fave82

@meghan, autocorrect WIN! lol

nonmember avatar Meghan

Bahahaha *post. POST! Oh geeze :)

Ronnie May

who gives a fuck?

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