Kate Middleton Gives Birth: Royal Baby Is Here!!

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Kate Middleton Prince WilliamFor months now we've seen a mountain of evidence that Kate Middleton would give birth to a baby girl. Guess it was all wrong! Kensington Palace has officially announced the royal baby is here, and he's a boy!

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the 8-lb. 6-oz. prince at 4:24 p.m. (Greenwich Mean Time, of course) with Prince William at her side. You know what this means?

It's male monarchs for the next few generations for the Windsors! The baby will be third in line for the throne now occupied by the queen.

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So much for that big rule change to make sure the baby would be called "princess" rather than lady, huh? His name has yet to be announced, but we know he is already His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge!

The baby boy is reportedly doing fine as his mom, whose labor lasted all day. Her Royal Highness and the little royal will both spend the night in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in London where she gave birth. It's the same place where his proud papa, the Duke of Cambridge, and uncle Harry were born.

Afterward, the little guy is expected to move to Kate's parents' house, where Kate will spend the early days of his life with her mom helping her out.

Congratulations to the royal family!

Did you expect it to be a boy?


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Anita Dalton



Sharon Stoker

Coming from England ...I knew it would be a boy! Congratulations Kate and William and lucky baby boy,born to lovely parents...have a happy,wonderful life!

 (same weight as my son) :D !

Michelle L Manzi

No. I thought for sure it was gonna be a girl. Congratsulations to everyone.

nonmember avatar may

yup. i knew it was a boy.

phant... phantomphan

@candace, the name has not been released yet.

nonmember avatar Ariel

I thought it was going to be a girl too. Boys are just as sweet! I got two of them!

Ashle... Ashley1113

Yes. I had a feeling she would be having a boy.

SanDales Mack

CONGRATULATIONS to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of there little Prince. Many blessings and love to the new parents and there precious little royal bundle of sheer happiness. May they have all the best in the world. God Bless the Royal Family on this wonderful news.


Martha Ruth Owens

We are so happy that everything went fine in you giving birth and happy for you and Prince William. Being a mother is a blessing from god. Being a father is a very amazing thing. God had blessed u with a health a beautiful son. We a so happy for you both god bless you both Kate.

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