Kourtney Kardashian Dresses 1-Year-Old Penelope in Skimpy Leopard Print Bikini (PHOTO)

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kourtney KardashianOne thing is for sure -- those Kardashians love their animal print fashion. That is an obsession they are clearly passing on to their kids. Most recent example? Kourtney Kardashian dressed her 1-year-old daughter Penelope in a leopard print bikini and she is getting some serious flack for it. Check out the seriously teeny-weeny two-piece here.

During a trip to a Miami swimming pool with her family, the little reality star was spotted in the look. It was quickly criticized for being too sexy for a tot. As appalling as this swimsuit may seem to some folks out there, is there really anything wrong with this? It’s just clothing, after all.

kourntey and penelope

Perhaps the real problem is with the critics and not Kourtney's style choice for her kid. Think about it. Lots of people let their babies walk around, crawl around, hit the pool and beach butt-naked. That is especially the case in this absurdly hot weather. This can’t possibly be any different than that, can it? If you see something inappropriate or even remotely wrong with this bathing suit, maybe you should just look away.

When it comes to outings with babies and toddlers, a parent's first concern is their comfort. Kourtney, being the doting mom that she is, wanted to take her child for a relaxing dip -- and look stylish while doing it. That said, I do agree with the criticism over the fact that she was not wearing a swim diaper. There is no way to prevent a baby from taking a tinkle in the pool. She should have probably put one on Penelope. That would have been courteous to all the swimmers trying to beat the heat that day.

What do you think of Penelope's bikini? Perfect fit or inappropriate?


Image via SouthFloridaBeachPhotos/Flickr and Splash


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nonmember avatar Ayf

Too adult for me. Plus she's not wearing a diaper under that thing! It looks like it is going up in her little bits too. Uncomfortable, too adult.

Mommy... Mommy2justone

Swim diapers don't keep pee in, only poo. But I don't think bikini's are for anyone under 15. 

Sara Cunningham

The doesn't look very comfortable for her.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Bikini tops on little kids seem stupid but whatever, I wouldn't think anything of a 1 year old without a top- boy or girl. Its hardly 'skimpy' when theres nothing to cover. But the fact that she doesn't have a swim diaper on and the bottom looks so small I think is sick. THAT is skimpy and over sexualizing children. At the very least a child should have as much coverage as a diaper would provide!

nonmember avatar Jenn

Come on, people! This is a BABY, not a sexual being.
I think she looks cute!

nonmember avatar Jess

I think it's fine. To be perfectly honest, despite how skimpy or revealing the clothing is, I do not look at a child in a bikini and think "sexy" I think "aw look at her in her little cossie". It's only over sexualising if you look at a child and think it's a "sexy" outfit and if that is what you think then the world has bigger problems than what the kids are wearing. Like the article says, some people let their children run around naked, why is that okay but putting something on them isn't?

amnew... amnewlon8982

My kids swim naked at home at that age. Both always thought swimsuits were uncomfortable so they took them off. 

Nikki Hatcher

wow people really skimpy come on she is one grow up... shes cute and its just a bathing suit for a a baby!!!!

Whitney Earl

I think it is cute. I know several moms who put their little girls in two piece bathing suits, BUT it does appear to be going up in a place that it should not be. I think Penelope just has chunky little thighs and baby rolls, and maybe that is why it looks the way it does on the bottom. Doesn't look too comfy, but at least she is clothed.

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