Brandi Glanville Finds Out What Happens When You Mess With Giuliana Rancic's Baby

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brandi vs giulianaA mother's protective instinct is no joke. We've all heard the stories of women lifting cars off their children or fighting off some big, burly attacker. But it doesn't take something that dire for grizzly mom to appear. Case in point: The feud between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and Giuliana Rancic. It all began when Brandi went after Giuliana's infant son Duke. That is when the E! News host unleashed her claws and understandably so.

The spat started after Giuliana was asked which side she was on -- Brandi's or LeAnn Rimes's (the woman Brandi's ex Eddie Cibrian left her for). She made a clearly pro-LeAnn comment on her show Fashion Police. Of course Brandi didn't appreciate that one bit.

"[After that, Brandi] went out and tweeted something, and she said, 'How would you like if your husband left you behind -- you and your surrogate baby,'" Giuliana, who had a baby via a gestational carrier last summer, explained on Watch What Happens. Well, the new mom wasn't about to take that lying down. "Here's the thing: say what you want to me -- don't ever bring my baby into that, ever," she added. "I love Beverly Hills, and I love all the Housewives, but I will cut Brandi if she talks about my baby again."

Never thought I would hear something like that out of the mouth of the dainty TV personality. But every mom understands why Brandi's comments set her off. She clearly crossed a line. I don't know a woman who wouldn't be pissed off by that. It's one thing to lash out at another grownup, but why bring an innocent baby into it. It was cruel and hurtful, not just to Giuliana and her husband, but to that child. As parents, we will fiercely protect and defend our children against anyone who does or says something that will make them feel different. We don’t want anyone messing with our kids for any reason. Brandi better keep her mouth shut or otherwise steer clear of Giuliana if she knows what's good for her.

What do you think of Giuliana's threat?


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bills... billsfan1104

But it was OK for Brandi to mention surrogacy about what's her face right?

nonmember avatar anon

Giuliana was wrong. No amount of spinning from Leannn will change that. Isn't Giuliana being a hypocrite? Giuliana condones the inappropriate things that Leann says and does about Brandi kids, yet when the shoe is on the other foot, the standards change. Didn't Guiliana drag Brandi's kids into it when she posted photos of Brandi's kids during her interview with Leann knowing that Brandi was going to have a problem with her kids being on tv since Leann and Eddie won't allow them to be on tv? Why isn't anyone addressing Giuliana's double standard? Brandi is protective over her children, but clearly this was lost when Giuliana decided to befriend Leann after Leann got mad at what she said about her.

sand008 sand008

Agree with anon

T.Horne T.Horne

Brandi had every right to say what she said. GR picked the side of a woman who broke up a marriage. Brandi asked her how she would feel if her husband broke up their family for another woman. Brandi didn't say anything cruel, just asked how GR would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. I wish LR would drop off the face of the earth.

Carla Renfroe

Brandi is trash, plain and simple.


Ashle... AshleyB1984

Brandi is trash. You don't mess with kids.

nonmember avatar anon

Leann and her twitter buddies are here posting. Brandi has been harrassed by Leann and her twitter fans for 4 years and then Leann gets Guiliana Rancic in on the action. The people who are posting the negative comments about Brandi get ipads from Leann. What did Leann give Guiliana to attack Brandi?

nonmember avatar renee

What? Is she twelve? Are you people kidding me? The kid has no clue it was meant as an insult towards the person guliana who insulted brandi. People grow up! Get over yourselves. And by the way defending our children doesnt mean engaging in nasty behavior or threats. If you threaten to cut a person over a comment you shouldnt ve a parent period! By the way how freakn stupid is that?

nonmember avatar Ali

This is not quite right: GR went after BG on Fashion Police after having lunch with LR and hearing 'her' side of it. Brandi wondered how GR would feel if it was her and her surrogate baby. GR started this, not BG. GR has been nasty about BG since then. Brandi never said a negative word about her before or after that. Funny how it's ok for GR to use BG's kids and talk about them in soft interviews with her pal but BG was not supposed to wonder how GR would feel if the situation was reversed and GR had to let Daddy's mistress be around her baby? Not OK, GR.

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