The Details Make All the Difference in This Nursery for a Baby Boy

If I could get my hands on one thing in this happy nursery for baby boy Delaney, it would be that beautiful St. George's cross quilt hanging over the crib. What a treasure! As gorgeous as it is, though, there are plenty of other delightful details to be found in this space. Click through for more inspiration below:


I really enjoy this mod print of London hot spots. It's muted and neutral and perfect for the space. 

Other fun prints complement the room decor nicely and I love how uniquely they're all hung and displayed. Who says you need frames?

Tiny little accents make the best decor while keeping things uncluttered and neat. How sweet are those shoes? I die!

Adding a cushion to the top of an Expedit shelving unit from IKEA makes for a soft place to sit, along with extra storage. Of course I love the modern Eames style rocker too. Prop a leg on the crocheted poof and snuggle with the little one in style. 

This nursery does an excellent job of finding the middle ground. There's nothing too extremist or polarizing, and it seems perfectly set up for making the transition to an older child's room some day.

What do you think of this baby's room?


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