Royal Baby App Takes Our Kate Middleton Obsession to a Whole New Level

royal baby appYou know the saying, "there's an app for that"? Well it must be true, because the Royal Baby App is officially here!

Yes, my friends. For those of us who have been completely obsessed with Kate Middleton's pregnancy and are going nuts with anticipation over when she is finally going to give birth -- we now have one more method of getting our hands on every single scrap of news about her very royal offspring.

Sooo, how much does the app cost and what kind of goodies can we expect after downloading it?


Good news, I just checked out the iTunes store, and it's free! (Admit it though -- you'd be willing to pay for it, right?)

And not only will this thing bring us all the latest and greatest news when the royal baby makes his or her arrival -- it also promises first photos of the child, along with shots of Prince William and Kate Middleton as new parents. (OMG. I can't wait.)

But don't worry, the fun won't stop right after the birth. The Royal Baby App also promises to provide us all sorts of fun and exciting pieces of information about his or her first year of life, so we can basically watch the little royal hit every milestone with our own eyes on our own iPhones. (Cool.)

And if you're still craving even more royal baby stuff after downloading the app, there are extra "mini-apps" you can purchase to see all sorts of additional photos of the entire royal family -- not just the newest little member of the crew.

What are you waiting for? Go and download the app now! (If you haven't already done so in the midst of reading this post.)

What do you think of the Royal Baby App?


Image via iTunes

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