Outrageous Hospital Fines Women for Screaming During Labor

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Did you scream during labor? If you did, no shame in that. Scream away, right? But imagine you got fined for every outburst. Charged for every "Ahhhhh!!!" Crazy, right? That could never happen. Orrrrr it could. In fact, it does. In Zimbabwe. A study on international corruption showed that a hospital in the poor African nation is charging mothers $5 each time they scream during childbirth. The reason? "Raising a false alarm." WTF?!

OK, some people do believe that screaming during labor is bad. If you're a Scientologist, for instance, you're supposed to bring your baby into the world in perfect silence. Anything less can traumatize it for life, so says Sciencrayology. No wonder Leah Remini dumped it.

And others will say that yelling during labor actually depletes your energy and makes it more difficult to push. But I think that moms in labor know what feels right to them. If it feels like they need to scream, then they should do so.

But imagine having a fine hanging over your head if you do? Five bucks a scream is bad enough here in the US, but in Zimbabwe, where most people make no more than $150 a year, it's ghastly!

Besides, who would determine what is a "scream"? What about a grunt? What about a moan? What about a "Whose brilliant idea was this anyway???!!"

The women in Zimbabwe are actually held in the hospital until they can pay their scream bill. Which usually means that their poor relatives have to figure out a way to cough up the cash. If a woman has a long painful birth, it's going to bankrupt her and her family. Outrageous!!

Childbirth is difficult and terrifying enough without a gag order. No wonder most of the women in that country give birth at home -- probably not in the best circumstances. Ugh. Such a travesty. I hope this doesn't give any cash-strapped hospitals here any ideas.

Did you scream during labor?


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AJ-47 AJ-47

I didn't scream. I didn't feel the need to; my Labor and Son's Birth were quite easy. Anyway, this is ridiculous. But still, so many women need to learn that all screaming does is use up the energy you need to give birth!

surro... surromama

I had a "natural" c-section, felt it all! Damn right I screamed. My family heard me pretty far away. It was a continuous scream for 5-10 mins, not sure how they'd bill that, lol.

femal... femaleMIKE

I don't know how I will react when this happens to me.  39 weeks and still not even a braxton hicks.

Thankfully where I live they don't hate women too much.  I am greatful for my freedom.

ILove... ILovemyPaulie

I did not scream during either of my births. I was zoned out & consentrating on my contractions.

Jen Roberts

#1 child: Too drugged, although I did snap at my husband a few times
#2 child: She came out too fast for me to say anything. Once again I was biting off the nurses head because she kept telling me I probably just felt the pressure of the baby's head on my pelvis...(1 minute later she was screaming for the doctor to get his butt to my room because my daughter was almost out) 

Heath... HeatherMazzone

No doubt that bullshit was put in place by a stupid man. I screamed a little during my delivery and I swear if a single soul had hushed me, much less charged me, I would have beaten the living shit out of them. Thank God I live here and not there.

Margaret Ann Dixon

I screamed during my third child's delivery. The doctor who was there ended up leaving the room and refused to be with me. The nurse and a student delivered him.

johnn... johnny4ever

Didn't scream during labor

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