New Baby Cry Analyzer Can Tell You Why Your Little One Is Wailing

baby cryingFirst came the baby pee and poo analyzer, then came the baby cry analyzer. A new device claims to be able to translate your baby's wails for you. AKA, no more wondering, Is she hungry? Is he wet? Why won't he stop crying?! In theory, this device sounds amazing, as parents will do anything to find out why their child is crying (and to get the crying to stop). But are we going too far with all these analyzers? I mean, we're dealing with babies here, not science experiments.


Now, to be fair, it seems that the purpose of the tool is to find out if your child has a health issue. "The idea is that cry can be a window into the brain," Barry Lester, director of Brown’s Center for the Study of Children at Risk, said in the news release of the computer-based tool. Apparently, some neurological issues change the way a baby's vocal cords function, and different pitches and features of the cry could reveal different issues. For instance, a distinct, high-pitched cry "is caused by a genetic anomaly similar to Downs syndrome," the university said. So, yes, in a case where you think your child's health may be at stake, this is a wonderful, amazing tool.

But there are other baby cry analyzers available to the public. And are these really necessary for run of the mill crying?

My short answer is no. Well, not really.

The first few weeks of my daughter's life, she cried a lot. Non-stop, actually. I didn't know about these devices at the time, but had I, yes, I probably would have tried one. I would have done anything to be able to comfort my seemingly inconsolable child -- and regain some of my sanity back. But after a trip to the doctor, I realized: She was just hungry. The instant I supplemented with formula, my daughter was quiet and content. It seemed so simple afterwards, but at the time, I had no idea what was going on or why she was crying. I knew that everything, health-wise, was okay with my baby. I just didn't know she was hungry, which now seems insane.

You've probably heard it a thousand times, but it's true: In most cases, there really are only a few reasons why your baby is crying. They're hungry; they're tired; they're wet/soiled; they want to be held/cuddled/comforted; they're overstimulated. They're rather simple. So I feel like a cry analyzer like this -- especially if you're not a first-time parent -- really isn't necessary. Just try all of the above first. Then if the crying doesn't stop, see a doctor or, if you want to, invest in a baby cry analyzer. 

There are so many pieces of "baby technology" that are now available to parents. Cry analyzers. Poop analyzers. Suits that monitor baby's breathing. And, in a way, I kind of feel like they're taking parenting too far. They're making us neurotic and, in a way, are preying on our insecurities. These devices weren't around years ago and we're all just fine. In some ways technology can be really, really helpful (yes, I have a baby monitor), but there is a point in which we should just trust ourselves and do things the old-fashioned way.

What pieces of technology do you have for your baby?


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