6 Surprising Things Moms Should Be Doing With Baby Right Now

baby art tourWhen I heard the Toledo Museum of Art was giving tours for babies, I was tempted to roll my eyes. A 2-month-old? At an art museum? Do 2-month-olds even know what art is? Do they even care?

But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. I was that mother who walked her baby daughter through the store and described everything. I got more than a few strange looks for babbling away at a baby in a carrier who was too young to even pick her head up, but talking to her was the best (and only) way she was going to learn language.

The truth is, there are a lot of things you can -- and should -- be doing with your baby from day one that might sound a little surprising.

Do you do everything on the list? What else have you found yourself doing with your baby that you never would have thought of before kids?


Image via Toledo Museum of Art

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linzemae linzemae

My 3month ols is so interested in art or pictures. Im kot sure what all she can see but if she has the choice to stareat a tv or a painting. She chooses ythe painting

nonmember avatar MammaMel

These are surprising??? I thought they were common knowledge (maybe not to everyone on the Art one...but the rest...)

linzemae linzemae

Yikes, my spelling. I apologize!

femal... femaleMIKE

At first I was thinking that is silly.  Now, I think not.  No harm in showing art to a baby.  My nephew stares at everything he finds interesting and his eyes will not let it go (example, the chandelier/celing fan).  So why not an art museum.  Good for you, Good for baby.

nonmember avatar Adrienne

Seems a little unnecessary- can't we just read books to our children and show them pictures? Not that there's any harm in taking them to an art museum, but why spend the money and travel when we can teach them in our own home? Also, too bad that mama in the picture is wearing her baby facing-out when there is tons of research proving how bad that is for baby's hip development. :)

RitzC... RitzCrackerz

Don't have the money for a museum or we'd already be going lol. But she plays in the dirt a lot, had a lady walk by and say something along the lines of she's going to put that in her mouth you shouldn't be letting her play with it. My daughter doesn't put anything in her mouth unless it's stuffed animals. I had no worry and if that day she decide to start putting stuff in her mouth then that's they day the fun of no honey don't put that in your mouth began lol 

Jacqueline D'Vonna Luebben

We did everything on the list, but not consciously. It just seemed like common sense. I bet most parents do the majority, if not everything, on the list.

Melanie Rae

For those who want to introduce their babies to art, I have an art show coming up based on the goodness found in babies and kids. It's at the Greenville Grange Hall in Appleton, Wisconsin. Called the Do.More.Good Art Show. Open July 26th-Aug 6th-10:30am-8:30pm. 

The reception is July 26th at 6pm and it's for ALL AGES. First family friendly art reception that I know of, haha. 

More info on the Melanie Rae Zero facebook page. We're looking at making this a traveling art show, so if you're interested in seeing the show in your area, please make a request! We'd like to go where we are wanted!

Carolyn Hyde

If you are reading to your baby and showing them the pictures you are already introducing them to art. Plus there are some great books out the (Andy Warhol's colors is a favorite around here) that combine a more "art museum" approach. This list is a little scary I hope parents are doing it all already.

Elizabeth McCrow Kitchen

How are these surprising? The only one that I haven't done is the Art Museum. They see pictures and books and such, but taking a fussy baby to an Art museum seems a bit much for me.

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