New Diapers Analyze Your Baby's Poop & Pee to Tell You if He's Healthy (VIDEO)

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If you're like every other mom I know, then you're probably obsessed with the contents of your baby's diaper -- am I right? You know, you pay close attention to how many times a day he goes, what color it is, and all that good stuff?

If so, then you're going to go nuts over a new product being developed called smart diapers -- essentially digital diapers that "read" your baby's pee and poop (sorry, but there's really no polite way of putting it). Small squares on a front patch on the diaper change colors based on what proteins are detected.

And then you simply take a picture of the patch, upload it to an app using your smartphone -- and the results are immediately analyzed to tell you whether your baby is hydrated, in good health, or heck, even if he has Type 1 diabetes. Oh, and it also lets you know whether or not you need to call the pediatrician.

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Duh, of course there's a catch. While these things aren't on the market yet, they'll be VERY pricey if they ever do make it onto store shelves -- like 30 percent more expensive than regular diapers. When I first heard that, I rolled my eyes and figured no one would ever pay that much for something their baby poops in, but then I watched the video explaining how these things work and I'm totally sold.

Prepare to be amazed.

OMG. Best. Invention. EVER!!

I don't care how much these things cost, if they'd been available back when I had my son, I would've stocked up on case after case.

I can't even count the number of hours I spent worrying over whether or not my little guy was getting enough to eat and drink, sick, developing properly, etc. And at least if he'd been wearing smart diapers, I could've saved myself from agonizing over whether he was ok and making neurotic, frequent calls to the pediatrician.

Seriously, what parent wouldn't want to use smart diapers to take some of the guesswork out of keeping their baby's health in check? The well being of your child is something you simply can't put a price on. And it's not like you'd even have to use the diapers with every single change. Even if you put them on your baby once a week or so, you'd still have a better idea of how his health is progressing.

I'd SO buy these things. For sure. But I'm past my baby days, so I guess I'm outta luck. But when and if they do finally go up for sale, I'm thinking they'd make the perfect baby shower gift for any mom-to-be.

Would you buy these smart diapers?


Image via SmartDiapers/YouTube

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April... AprilJune

I think this is overkill? I ca tell my babies are healthy or sick by lots of other things...with these, we'll have parents obsessed with uploading the picture online instead of just paying attention to their little ones. But if it can detect diabetes, I guess it would be a great tool for someone who already suspects something may be off with their baby. I don't think I would use them though!

Smoke... Smokeygirl

Nope, not for me just sounds like another product that preys on the insecurities of new parents. Makes you wonder how the species survived this far without "smart diapers" to analize the health of babies. . . :shakes head:

kumora kumora

agreed with those above. and i feel like we are getting too high tech with babies. whats next, the smart paci or the smart onsie? what happened to paying close attenton to our little ones and knowing as much family history as we can?

nonmember avatar Bachovk

As a new mother of a one week old baby boy I'd pay extra for a peace of mind. Eventually once I get used to this parenting thing I'd be more inclined to go back to regular diapers.

Rebecca Lea Blakeney

whatever happened to knowing in your gut if your child was off or not?  Who knows better than a parent who spends a goodly amount of time with their own child?  With the cost of everything rising, do you really need to be spending a damned fortune on something you are going to throw away.  If this was a reusable item, I'd be more impressed.  piece of mind is great and all, but don't you think your childs doctor has been a doctor a while and is used to getting calls from new parents?  Why are you spending so much money on the doctor if you are going to rely on a diaper to ease your mind?

nonmember avatar Emily

I think I'd put these on my baby if he had a cold or I suspected he wasn't feeling well. But On a regular basis I think it's overkill and a little crazy...

proud... proudmommy_0813

yeah i feel the same way. it would only be a good thing if the baby is sick.its kinda alittle much even so. moms should know thier baby and shouldnt need something telling them whats wrong.if a mom doesnt know exactly whats wrong but only knows that something is wrong thats were u bring them to the doctor. to me thats just a tracking device. cuz u  have to take a pic on a smart phone and send it to know whats wrong.... something's fishy there. call me crazy but that just sounds like a scam to me.

nonmember avatar Snowwhite9784

I may have used these a little it with my oldest ds but only because I knew something was not right and multiple people in the medical field keep telling me I was wrong. It took 18 mo before any one listened and guess what he had food allergies to dairy most likely present since birth not to mention a few other issues that may have been found sooner. All that being said I think they are over kill and are not generally needed. I

nonmember avatar Tracy

GREAT invention!! But for those that have reason for concern rather than the everyday hypochondriac. I say this as a mum of a Type 1 diabetic child. It's hard for parents to know if their baby is drinking more milk of weeing more than normal. Most babies are diagnosed when they reach the stage of being too sick. If you have a family history I think this is great. I'd definitely want my daughter to have these if she was to have kids.

Tracey Scott

How did we ever survive until recently. (rolls eyes)

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