Mom’s Poem About Breastfeeding Will Make You Feel Braver About Nursing in Public (VIDEO)

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breastfeeding poem embarrassed hollie mcnishBreastfeeding moms get tired of saying it: We have the right to feed our babies anywhere, any time we choose -- any time our babies need it. Mothers shouldn't have to cover up, shouldn't have to apologize, and definitely shouldn't have to hide in the bathroom. But sometimes it helps to say the same thing a different way to really get your point across. That's what poet Hollie McNish decided to do one day after feeding her baby in the bathroom for the last time. She wrote a poem about breastfeeding in public called "Embarrassed."

Hollie says she wrote this poem one day after breastfeeding her baby in the bathroom. She was there because the first time she fed her baby in public, someone had told her she should just stay at home. So there she was, hiding as if feeding her baby were something to be ashamed about, when it occurred to her that she lives in a "country of low cut tops, cleavage, and skin." Here she was, trying to be modest while nursing her baby -- while she was surrounded by more "acceptable" images of women's breasts in advertising and entertainment, everywhere. The hypocrisy was too much for her.

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Meanwhile, women are spending money they can't really afford on formula, when breast milk is free.

So Hollie rails against this absurdity in a spoken word piece. She ends with a defiant tone: "So no more will I sit on these cold toilet lids / No matter how embarrassed I feel as she sips / Cos in this country of billboards covered in 'tits' / I think I should try to get used to this." Hearing and seeing her say that, while looking directly at you, her defiance is infectious. It's a rallying cry to breastfeeding mothers everywhere to stop letting people make you feel embarrassed. Here is one young woman who is reclaiming her place in public. Doesn't it make you want to join her?

Have you ever felt like Hollie does?


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nonmember avatar blue

No. I find it to be a badly written poem, that attempts to be deep. I don't think women are going to see this, and feel more comfortable. It CAN be intimidating to nurse in public, even in complete acceptance. This poem doesn't change that, nor will it change other people being uncomfortable. Nice try, though,

LadyM... LadyMinni

I'm agreeing with blue. Message of it aside, the poem isn't that great. Other people can't change a mom's mind about whether or not she's embarrassed, or has a sense of modesty, or whether she sits with her tits out to nurse. It's up to the individual. This is about the tenth time I've seen this. It keeps getting emailed to me (for reasons unknown) with messages of how inspiring it is. It hasn't changed anything for any of the women who sent it to me. They're still doing what they were doing before, only now they're emailing me this video.

Ladies, if you want to change then change already. Don't sit around on "these cold toilet lids" and wait to be given permission. If you want to feed your baby then feed your baby. Just be ready for what will come if you're being inappropriate about it. Most women aren't inappropriate at all, but there are some who have ruined it for everyone. Take back what you consider your right and make people stop thinking there is something wrong with it. A poem isn't going to do that. You have to do it yourself.

Hyman Hyman

I am sad for every women who has received and is still receiving judgment and nasty comments regarding them feeding their babies :;:(

I have always gotten so much encouragement, even from complete strangers. I nursed my almost two year old son for an entire year with nobody as much as pointing at me of giving me a dirty look ... I'm now on newborn baby 2 and I hope I have the same blessing.

It must suck. It's up to all of us to encourage each other when in public, online and even in private. Stick up for anyone you see being bullied.

No matter what your parenting choice is, lets support and encourage each other. All of us moms deserve that.

femal... femaleMIKE

I am who I am and no poem wil change it.  I am about to become a nursing mom in a few days (or weeks, hopefully days) and I have no idea which "type" I would be.  I guess, I would be a cover up nursing mom or one of the ones that hide (look for privacy).  Thats just me.  I can't see myself nursing with no cover up in front of my dad or brothers.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

Brave? Really? That's kind of a stretch. I suppose if you're the kind of person who cares what someone else says about you, "brave" might apply.

nonmember avatar Lily

Well that was her choice to go sit on a toilet to breastfeed. You can breastfeed anywhere really, the toilet would be my last choice. I chose to do so discreetly not because of embarrassment but because of modesty especially around my dad and brothers.

Christy Gebhard

that's so beautiful that's all I can say, you bare so brave and cpouragious for what you said and believe in

Jennifer Trousdale

You blotchy moms who say it was her choice to feed in a stall, good for you for never feeling forced to. Many first time moms, however, who are just learning how to nurse and then have to deal with not only public shaming but possibly unsupportive family at home would benefit from hearing one mom's public outcry. The comments on here are so snooty and high and mighty. Maybe you missed the part about the formula companies who are trying to force themselves into environments without clean water? Why do you think the WHO recommends breastfeeding until 2 years old? Because it is far better to have a breastfeeding mom who eats/drinks poor quality "filter" out much of the crud for her baby than introduce germs and parasites into a child with an immature immune system. Ms. McNish has a great message and if it even helps ONE mom feel more empowered to breastfeed her child regardless of environment, then I say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Obviously your nasty, stuck up comments aren't going to do that.

Jennifer Trousdale

And that was supposed to say "bitchy". Autocorrect strikes again. 

bella... bellacazzate

Great spoken word. And she's not just a mum. She's pretty huge on the Slam Poetry circuit. So maybe the headline should be "Slam Poet's Spoken Word about Breastfeeding..." 

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