Kim Kardashian Takes North West Out for the First Time ... to a Beach Party!

kim kardashianIt's happened. Kim Kardashian and baby North West have left the building. There have been reports swirling around, talking about how Kim is going stir crazy, being stuck in the house non-stop, but turns out, Kim has managed to pull some Houdini sh*t on us all. Kim, North, and Kanye West all went to Bruce Jenner's Malibu beach house on the Fourth of July to celebrate the holiday with family. And somehow, they made it to and fro undetected. This is crazy, you guys. We actually saw photos of some of the Kardashians and Jenners hanging out on Bruce's balcony at that party. Kim and North were inside! Where's the Hubble Telescope when you need it?

Apparently, July 4th was the first outing for the baby, who was born 5 weeks early on June 21. However, a source said, "Kim has taken North on a few playdates, but she can't do it with lots of people since she's still so small." Aw, cute. But you don't really take a newborn baby on a playdate, FYI. You may hang out with another mom who has a baby. But really, there's no playing that goes on. Only laying. So maybe the source got confused and meant to say Kim has taken North on a few laydates.

Anyway, it's close, you guys. I can feel it. One of these days in the very near future we're going to get a glimpse of Kim and her sweet baby. Maybe it will be on the cover of Us Weekly, followed by a 2,000-page spread. Maybe it'll be a paparazzi pic on TMZ. Who knows? Who cares? Just show us the baby already, Jenner. You wanted to build suspense and you did. Mission accomplished.

(Also, Kate Middleton is going to have her baby soon. Just saying.)

What do you think of this? When was the first time you took your baby out?


Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr



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Desiree Burrell Rodcay

She'll release pics of the baby as soon as Kate has hers.

After all, she craves all the attention.

Momma... Mommabearbergh

So she took the baby out on a family outing like a month after its born okay no big deal. I took dd one to cvs after we got out the hospital and to dh's moms house the next day. I thought the times of laying in died I guess not for some.

nonmember avatar Pink Mama

@Desiree- I bet you're right!

Mommy... MommyBoha

What kind of playdate does a newborn have?

Brandy Foy

I think she'll lose her window of opportunity to really publicize on the birth once Kate has hers

nonmember avatar Jocelyn

I hope she doesn't show us the baby until its older so people will stop saying "She's going to publicize it when Kate has hers."

nonmember avatar redvelvet

I'm still in shock over the STUPID name they chose

Barbara Naus

@ redvelvet, I'm with you!! Her daughter will hate her for doing that!! Nothing like making a mocery out of your own child!! SMH!!!

nonmember avatar me

yeah, I bet shell release the pics when kate has her baby. Not that I care. I was curious seeing what she looked like at first, but ive lost interest now. Im sure shell pimp her out when she can make the most money out of her kid and once that happenns, well see her non stop so dont worry. there'll be plenty of pics of her around soon, what is she wearing, eating and pooping will soon be all e! and other bloggers will talk about

nonmember avatar Kirah

I don' t believe her baby was premature wouldn' t she have been in the hospital longer. I mean let's be real if it was anybody else their baby would have just been coming home. If the baby was 5 weeks early it is too soon to be outside.

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