Kanye West Won't Do WHAT for His New Baby?!?

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baby diaperKanye West is turning out to be the most doting daddy, just like we knew he would be. Sources say he's barely left baby North's side (partly because every time he leaves the house he yells at the paps). But there's one thing he won't do for his daughter: Kanye will not change North's diapers. An insider says flatly, "He's not changing diapers." 

Aw come on, Yeezus, really? Changing diapers is a parental right of passage. And if you've got a breastfeeding newborn it's not nearly as gross as you'd think. It's a little sweet, actually. (Whatever, I was a googly-eyed-in-love new mom.) But seriously, if Kim is breastfeeding as much as they say she is, North's diapers aren't going to stink. It's one of the secret perks of breastfeeding -- baby's poo smells better.

It's later, when the baby starts eating solids, that you'll start wishing you could hire out the diaper changing. But let's get back to Kanye and his supposed no-change ways. What is that about? There's something... unmanly about refusing to change a diaper. If you think it's too icky, you're just a big baby yourself. What's the worst that could happen? You might accidentally touch the poo? Good grief, just wash your damn hands if that happens. Yeezus Cripes. And if you get it on your fancy clothes 1. what the hell is your problem and 2. yes, it's a protein stain but the drycleaner can probably still get that out. 

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Ugh, dads who won't change diapers. I don't care what else they're willing to do. The same source says Kanye holds North all the time and won't leave her side for more than an hour. But it's the tough shit, literal and metaphorical, that really proves your mettle as a parent. I think a man who won't change diapers is a man who doesn't like getting his hands dirty -- doesn't like dealing with anything difficult, messy, or uncomfortable. Know what I mean?

Kanye explored some difficult, messy, and uncomfortable territory when he made his last album. So I hope the rumor isn't true and he really is willing to get his hands dirty. 

What do you think about dads who won't change diapers?


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bills... billsfan1104

What business of it is yours???? Who cares. I doubt the Kim changes the diapers with all the baby nurses she has. Some men are not good at it, are lazy or just feel uncomfortable doing it. As long as he does other things, this is ok

nonmember avatar mdw

i thought i read that kim said HELL NO she wasnt breastfeeding. And that being pregnant ruined her body enough already

Kimbe... Kimberlyrose83

So, he obviously isn't breastfeeding baby North, and if he isn't changing diapers, what exactly is he doing thats "doting"?

nonmember avatar kaerae

This baby is an accessory to these narcissists, there to serve their needs and whims, not have her own, hence the stupid "you know what would be funny..." name. He will use her for photo ops and for stroking his own ego. He didn't sign on for meeting her needs, only having his met, and he married into the right family for that. Poor kid doesn't have a chance. She will have everything money can buy...and nothing that it can't.

Todd Vrancic

Maybe he's afraid he'll break her.  I was, but my wife made me change the kids and I got over it.

nonmember avatar Ashley

And you know this how? Kris Jenner said he was being a great father and helping in any possibly way. This "source" more than likely doesn't even know the Kardashians. This site is way too obsessed with the Kardashians.

nonmember avatar Melissa Barba

My husband would not change our daughters diapers for fear of stupid people being sick minded

abra819 abra819

Im not surprised. He's a total arrogant dick.

Yanaisa Cuba

I agree with you 100%. There's something wrong when a man does not want to change the baby's diaper.

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