10 Hot Celebrities Caught Doing the Cute Dad Thing (PHOTOS)

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  • Chris Hemsworth


    He's carrying the baby AND he's grocery shopping? Damn. What's next, Thor, are you going to run the vacuum??? (SHIRTLESS??)

  • Hugh Jackman


    I love how Jackman has a little spring in his step here, like he's working hard to keep up with his scootering sidekick. Wolverine: he's just like Us!

  • Gabriel Aubry


    Adorable child in one delectably buff arm, bunch of random kid crap in the other ... nicely done, Aubry.

  • Tom Hardy


    Image via Instagram

    You know, I've always thought it was annoying/gross when women say their ovaries are "exploding," but I think I get it now.

  • Matthew McConaughey


    He's got the stroller, the kid, and knowing McConaughey there's probably a bongo drum stashed in there somewhere.

  • Ben Affleck


    Don't Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner seem like the most refreshingly normal parents in Hollywood? I love their little family.

  • Liev Schreiber


    HOW CUTE IS THIS? I'm just going to assume they're going somewhere like the farmers' market.

  • Jason Hoppy


    Blankie, pink scooter, tuckered kid. Yes, this seems to have all the proper elements of being an awwwwwwwww-worthy image.

  • Tom Sturridge


    Babywearing dudes are awesome. Even if they're in dire need of a haircut.

  • Josh Kelley


    Image via Instagram

    Best part of this heart-melting photo? His comment: "A little daddy daughter time before I go to the studio. She's edible."

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