Kate Middleton Sent an Inappropriate (but Very Funny) Baby Gift

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presentSnort. Wait until you hear this one. Supposedly Kate Middleton was sent a baby box by the Finnish government, and in addition to bra pads, baby clothes, diapers, a cardboard cot, and toys -- it also contained condoms.

Yes, condoms, which have to be about the most inappropriate yet hilarious baby gift any new mom can ever receive. But considering this thing was sent to Kate Middleton of all people makes the thought of her opening that box impossible not to laugh at.

Wouldn't you have paid to be a fly on the wall when she opened that thing up? OMG. You know her reaction was priceless.

Can't you just picture the look on her face when she unwrapped the package? I'm sure her first thought was something along the lines of, "How brilliant of them to present us with a thoughtful gift for our first born" -- only to be followed by gasps, giggles, and phrases like, "Oh, deary me, Wills, look what they've sent us."

And then Prince William probably got all red and muttered something like, "It's a bit too late for those at this point, love." (Chuckle.)

Eek! I feel a little dirty just thinking about what kind of birth control (if any) the royal couple uses. It's certainly none of my business or anyone else's, that's for sure.

But somehow I'm guessing the two of them won't have much use for condoms anytime in the near future, but maybe they can still put them to good use? I'm sure Prince Harry wouldn't mind having a few extra around to throw into his wallet before a night out on the town. (Or if he has any upcoming trips to Vegas planned, they might come in handy.)

How do you think Kate reacted after being sent condoms as part of a baby gift?


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JessL... JessLogansMommy

That's just part of the standard issue package that they give to all new moms there.  It actually makes sense because you may not have gone for you postpartum checkup or discussed birth control before you have sex again and not too many new moms want to end up pregnant 4-8 weeks after giving birth! 

Caera Caera

Seriously Mary?

What are you? A twelve-year-old?

nonmember avatar jenna

It males perfect sense for all the reasons JessLogansMommy said. Also most doctors will tell you it is unhealthy to get pregant earlier than a year after giving birth.

Honeybee Bee


nonmember avatar Regina

Kinda rude to insinuate prince William would need those with someone other than his wife. Not everyone cheats.

Samantha Megan Scott

Makes sense to me... it was never a concern with my kids as I got the birth control sorted at my first postpartum checkup, and was way too sore (stitches) for any sex before then, but if the couple hasnt gotten it sorted yet, youd want to have something on hand....

Melissa D Norman

Seriously??  Grow up!  Oh yeah, I just love the bit you threw in at the end about him using them out and about, what a low blow!  Are you like, jealous or something??

becki... beckib1986

She said Prince Harry not will!

Rachel Booker

Don't be an idiot. These are the same boxes the Finnish government has been distributing to all new mothers for the last 75 years. The box doubles as baby's first crib, the clothes are gender-neutral and of course it contains appropriate birth control for a nursing mother. Contrary to the old wives' tales, nursing women CAN and do get pregnant and that is probably NOT what any new mom really wants, especially not one so much in the public eye. She can't take oral contraception, so condoms are very appropriate. And again, they are contained in every box distributed by the Finnish government. 

schlis schlis

I'm sure Kate knew pretty much what was in it before she opened it. It's a traditional Finnish baby box. Every new mom in Finland gets the exact same thing. I think it was a sweet gesture from their government.

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