Anna Duggar's 'Brother Time' Pic Is a Photo Every Mom Needs to Take (PHOTO)

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Michael & Marcus Duggar
Michael & Marcus Duggar
Sensing that the world needed a solid dose of adorableness, Anna Duggar posted a photo of her new baby and his big brother to her Twitter account recently. In the pic, "big boy" Michael is looking lovingly at his newborn sibling, baby Marcus, while baby Marcus, well, just looks like a baby.

Anna captioned the photo "Brother time!", and oof, if this doesn't make your ovaries ache, not sure what will. What a sweet little family! Thanks for sharing, Anna! And please, keep 'em coming!

Do you have sweet photos of your "big" and "little" kids together?


Image via Anna Duggar/Twitter



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miche... micheledo

One of my favorite pictures is immediiately after the birth of our fifth last year. The older four are gathered tightly around me staring intently at their new brother. There is so much 'sweetness' in all the faces!!

Alycia Eden Hacker

I have so many of my two boys together...but right now my profile pic is my fave...


Kat Leigh McLaughlin

How will this be a "new" trend? I have probably six pictures of my babies just like this. lol.

Rathe... RatherBeReading

I have a pic of all 3 of my girls the day after I had the youngest. My brother bought the older 2 matching dresses, and they are wearing them and holding the youngest in the picture. Youngest is now 5 1/2. and wears the same dress my oldest wore in that pic :)

lilahely lilahely

I have like a hundred pictures of my newborn boy and my 2 yr old girl, I just love to capture every moment the spend together and every smile the share

nonmember avatar kaerae

Wait, wait, wait... TWO kids in the SAME picture?? That's genius! She is a true pioneer, I have never seen a picture of siblings together, that's absolutely brilliant, what a wonderful new trend! My boys are grown, though, I only wish this blog would have been around then, so I could have figured this one out. I always locked one in the closet while I took a picture of the other...dang it!

Ellen Fuller

Seriously Kaerae!!!!  =(

missn... missnpanda

Lovely. Just hope she doesn't have 20 of them.

cassa... cassandraleigh9

@Kaerae, Hahaha! I was going to comment the same exact thing. Too funny. Yes, this new trend will be everywhere. Two kids? One photo? Get outta here! Who could have thought of something sooo brilliant???!! Also, very cute babies. I love the Duggars.

Leesa Hicks-Delgado

new trend?  Damn hard to believe no one has ever had these types of pics before. hmmm  I guess the millions of other parents who have pics just like this one don't count?

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