Beyonce Releases Blue Ivy Photos That Will 100% Start a Trend (PHOTOS)

blue ivy crownTo most of us, Beyonce is a queen. Actually, not just a queen, but the queen. But to Beyonce, the only queen to her is Blue Ivy, her precious 1 1/2-year-old daughter. So, the photo Beyonce posted of Blue Ivy wearing a crown couldn't be more apropos. (Note: Prepare to see throngs of crown-wearing toddlers waddling around your local park in the very near future.)

And if you think this is cute, wait 'til you see the other photo Beyonce posted to her Tumblr of her and her daughter. Get your affairs in order. You're going to die.


beyonce blue ivy

Beyonce has released some cute photos of her and daughter together, but really, this one may take the cake. Here Beyonce is, all dolled up, ready to perform or doing something high-profile or fancy, but to Blue, it's just mama. The way she's touching Queen Bey's nose (and Queen Bey's reaction)? Heart-melting!

Beyonce, keep the pics coming, please! We can never get enough Blue Ivy. Adorbs!

How sweet are these photos?


Images via I Am Beyonce/Tumblr



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nonmember avatar Kristi

I can't be the only one who thinks that is stupid as shi*. Am I?

caral... caralicious

No Kristi Blue Ivy is far from the first toddler to dress up asa princess and Beyonce is not doing anything groundbreaking by smiling at her baby.... very stupid article

Irela... Ireland69

blah blah blah!!

holly... hollywood222222

A bunch of bitter ol' hags in here today. While I agree it's far from groundbreaking, have a heart! These are adorable photos. You know, I'm sure your Facebook friends can relate to your sentiments here when you guys post a million photos of your little varmints. Be nice, you guys are the ones who came here and read the article. Don't like it, don't waste your time posting! That simple. Take a Xanex and calm down

nonmember avatar Kristi

I think the only hag to need Xanex may be you hollywood.We were simply enjoying our freedom of speech as were you. And thank you for personally attacking our children with names.

caral... caralicious

@hollywood you're the one ranting btw we are just agreeing with eachother smh

mpowe003 mpowe003

Wow!! I am new to CafeMom and I was very interested to see what the community is all about, but I didn't think that Moms would attack each other on here. I think the pics are adorable and there is nothing wrong with her showing them off, just as every mom shows off their kids...

Eleph... ElephantShoes12

Holy cow...lots of negativity!  I think the pics are cute! 

psurmont psurmont

The pictures are adorable and I think all parents should show their children off.

nonmember avatar Lily

This is not a new trend. Kids love wearing tiaras/crowns/ hats. Not new. Beyonce's makeup is way to light for her skin color on that second photo.

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