10 Super-Embarrassing (but Adorable) Things Babies Do

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babyBabies. Aren't they the best? They're just so snuggly and sweet, and everything they do is over-the-top precious. Well, almost everything, that is.

Former Bachelor & DWTS winner Melissa Rycroft was mortified when her baby pooped in the tub -- which was especially embarrassing because it happened in a hotel bathroom, not her own. And she was rushing out the door when her daughter did the deed -- so her husband was left to deal with the aftermath. (Love it.)

When she returned to the room later that day, she found the tub drained and "little poo pellets" sitting inside of it. (OMG. The poor maids.)

I laughed so hard after hearing her story, and it got me thinking about all of those moments we have with our little ones that are unavoidable -- but kind of make us want to go crawl into a hole somewhere.

Here are 10 of the most embarrassing baby moments moms admit having!

  1. "When my son was about 5 months old, he started making this really weird growling noise in the middle of a store where we were shopping. It was cute at first, but then he got so loud that all these people kept coming over and laughing at me -- and telling the other people in the store they needed to go check out the 'demon baby.' I about died." -- Mary, The Stir (yep, yours truly)
  2. "He pulled my shirt up at the mall. Somehow, the clip on my nursing bra unhooked and my breast was in full view." -- @BeyondTheCrib
  3. "When my baby brother was a newborn, we were out to eat, and he was sitting on my mom's lap and he pooped everywhere -- all over the seat, all over her -- it was so funny!" -- Anonymous
  4. "I was shopping with her and set her down so I could pay the cashier. She rifled through my purse and pulled out a tampon in front of everyone in the store!" -- Jeanne, The Stir
  5. "My first daughter went through a phase where she called every man she saw 'daddy.' We were in the Walmart parking lot when a man, his wife (I'm assuming), and their three kids walked by, and she starts screaming 'daddy' at him. The look on their faces was priceless! He looked terrified, she was confused, and I was totally embarrassed." -- Whitney, Five Minutes for Mommy
  6. "Try this one on for size ... when my now 2-year-old was a newborn, I took him to visit family. He got hungry, I started nursing him, and halfway through his feeding, he had an EXPLOSIVE poop that the diaper apparently couldn't contain. I was left with a lap-full and had to borrow a pair of my aunt's pants!" -- Raynah
  7. "My oldest threw up in the town pool. How embarrassing to hear over the loud speaker that the pool had to close for cleaning. I never wanted to leave some place so fast!" -- @kerrymomto2
  8. "First visit from our favorite 'couple friends' after baby was born, and my husband went outside to start the grill. Just at that moment, she proceeded to projectile vomit ALL OVER ME." -- Jeanne, The Stir
  9. "He had a massive adult-sized fart while we were in the mall. I'm pretty sure everyone around us thought it was me!" -- Raynah
  10. "My friend was holding my baby and he kept grabbing and squeezing her boob over and over again. She took it in stride and told me it's the most action she's had in a long time. LOL." -- Louise

What's the most embarrassing thing your baby has ever done?


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Irela... Ireland69

I was at church and my son was 2 months he was hungry so i fed him the bottle and you can hear him just sucking on his nipple from the bottle and and swollowing his formula loud! It was quite cause the priest was saying the sermon then everybody started laughing!!!

carme... carmen1692

OMG 5! My daughter was always doing that to me! Even when her daddy was WALKING RIGHT BESIDE US! It was always sooo embarassing.


Evaly... EvalynCarnate

When my daughter was about 6 months old my inlaws and I brought her to a chinese restaurant with us. She behaved beautifully the whole time and even smiled at our sweet waitress. Well, when we got up to leave I noticed a foul smell... Oh, she pooped, I thought. So I unbuckled her from her seat and picked her up to take her to the bathroom. It was a poosplosion the likes of which I'd never seen! It was EVERYwhere. Luckily the staff at the eatery took it in stride, and even lent me some napkins once I ran out of wipes to clean everything. I even had to take the cover off her carseat! 

NatAndCo NatAndCo

My friends 2 yr old daughter has developed a fun game where she either pokes/squeezes your breast repeatedly and tells "Boo!!"... Rather distracting while standing in a checkout line at Target.

Emmie25 Emmie25

We were in Walmart and our oldest who was 3 at the time started yelling at the top of his lungs " ew mom! You farted! You stink! You need a bath! Momma farted!" I did not fart and I kept telling him to be quiet and stop. Everyone around us was laughing!

nonmember avatar Joie

My son was about 5 months at the time, and dear sweet Grandma had taught him to "grunt". Well, he used this quite well while we were at a Chinese restaurant. He was pushing so hard and grunting SO loud that people on the other side of the restaurant were looking! He was turning BRIGHT red with the pushing on top of it...and then he farted. LOUD. I was pretty embarassed, but not as bad as I would have thought I would be BEFORE I had him! One lady leaned over the seat, laughing, and said "at least he's cute otherwise"...LOL

Jessie S. Hegwood

My 3 year old son saw a large dark skinned lady in tight fitting beige-ish camel colored pants, he yells "Mama, I can see her vagina". In his defense, she was in skin tight pants that really left nothing to the imagination, but we had to have a talk about not saying things like that about other people.

Amanda Solita Shovlin

when my oldest was about 2 months old we were in a bank, I was opening up a checkings account and the bank had those tall dome ceilings where sound echos. He always had trouble pooping and he would curl up and grunt, well the grunting noise echoed around the bank and everyone sorta started looking around, then he let it loose.....you could hear the explosion in his diaper and everyone turned to look at me, I was bright red, and to top it off, he was in his stroller and I had walked the 20 min walk to the bank in the July heat. I had to wait till we got home to change him.

me_plus3 me_plus3

My oldest son was about 6 months old when we went to go see some friends at their work. He was all happy and smiling so one of my friends just picked him up out of the carseat and about 2 minutes later the a customer came in. My friend walked up to the woman and she just started laughing at him. Apparently my lovely son had pooped everywhere and it was covering my friend without him noticing. I ended up cutting the outfit off of him because it was that bad. My friend threw his shirt away.

lovel... lovelikethis721

I have one for ya. My DD (now 17 months) was at her 6 month photo session and was doing wonderfully. She didn't cry at all and was absolutely fascinated by the sound of the camera and the flash when the photographer turned it on. Right in the middle of the session the photographer asked if we could get a photo of mommy and Janessa. I picked her up and as soon as I did all you heard was a fart that could've easily put my DF to shame which was followed by the biggest poop I've ever seen come from an infant. She not only managed to fill her diaper to the max but it went all over the back of her outfit and down the front of my pants. Luckily the photographer I always go to was amazing about it. She let us stop the session so I could clean both of us up and gave me a wrap type thing I could use as a skirt until we could finish the session. When everything was done she let me keep the wrap till DD's 9 month photo session when I returned it and brought an extra pair of pants just to be safe! On the plus side all the photos came out great including the mommy and baby shots we got after cleaning up.

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