Adele Finally Debuts Baby Boy -- So Worth the Wait! (PHOTO)

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adeleSinger Adele has kept her son under wraps for basically the entire eight-month duration of his life. After giving birth to the little bundle, she stayed mum on what she and her partner, Simon Konecki, decided to name him. And it wasn't until Adele debuted a cursive "A" tattoo behind her ear that the world found out the adorable little boy's name was Angelo. So when Adele and Angelo were spotted at the Central Park Zoo recently, the universe pretty much imploded. We've finally caught a glimpse of what this little cutie looks like -- and heavens to Betsy was he worth the wait!

I've gotta say, I'm seriously impressed that Adele managed to hide her son and all his adorableness from the world this long. A damn-near impossible feat in this day and age. But hey, seems like Adele had her heart set on it, so she went to great lengths. The things moms do for love.

Congrats, Adele! Your son is absolutely beautiful.

What do you think of this?


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nonmember avatar Jennifer

Gross. She didn't "finally debut" her son; paparazzi just invaded her privacy and finally managed to exploit a small child.

Sharon Stares

I`m sure this wasn`t Adele `s doing ,just a pap happened to get close enough!..Can they never accept that some famous parents don`t want to "parade" their little ones all over the papers ,tv etc?!
HAve to say though ,he`s an absolutely gorgeous little boy...soo much hair ,like his proud mama too!!..x

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I agree with the two comments above...but he is a little cutie :)


AJ-47 AJ-47

That is one lucky little boy. He gets to hear her sing, TO HIM, every day. Precious little guy. I love that Adele is a mommy.

Eleph... ElephantShoes12

What a cutie!  I am not usually star struck or anything like that (well, for Channing Tatum or Rob Pattinson I would TOTALLY be!), but Adele is just amazing!  I AM star struck with her!  And that little childish part of me is SO excited that our boys get to "grow up" together - my son is also 8 months.  It's so ridiculous, I know...But I just LOVE her public personality, her voice, her music...Sigh...she's just so awesome!

Melody Tidwell

He is adorable and looks like his mommy ,and Adele looks amazing glowing herself since she has become a mom ,she will be a great mom especially if she doesn't what the paparazzi getting near her son she we make sure they won't ,she kept them from him for the first 8 months of his life she can do it again .

Karen Lott

Cutie pie. Congrats Adele.

mlg1989 mlg1989


Melissa Young

And, if she wants to keep him shielded from the paparazzi and the public in general she should have the right to do that too.

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